Chapter 8

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Luke stood up quick and started buckling his pants. He threw on his shoes and then moved to my dresser stuffing my clothes in a duffel bag nearby.

"Luke what the hell are you doing? Who just called you?" He just stared at me for a second and continued going through my draws. 

"Luke..." He just ignored me. 


He raked his fingers through his hair and groaned in frustration. "Look Silver. You've witnessed a lot tonight, hell I still don't understand why your not freaking out. But my parents thought it would best if you just spent the next couple of days with my aunt and cousins. She has a nice little cabin, with a lake nearby. You'll have fun and it'll just be until we handle this minor situation with Steven. But the faster you leave the faster we can help Steven. All the questions you have my aunt can answer. But I want you to know you can always ask me. Now can you please hurry up and get dressed. Im dropping you off and the ride there is long."

I nodded my head but I was bewildered. This isn't how real life is supposed to go. For fucks sake just yesterday I was laughing and having fun with my friends. Now my I find out my ex. boyfriend and his entire family are werewolfs. And all of a sudden I have these intese feelings for said ex.boyfriend's older brother.
I tied my hair in a messy bun. and threw on a sweat-shirt, jeans, and converse. I wrote a note to my mom saying I was staying over at a friends house. That would probably work for tonight but come tomorrow evening I knew she would be livid. I made a mental note to tell Lukes mom to call my mom.

"Ready?" Luke asked.
I rolled my eyes and pushed past him. "No, because I obviously don't have my clothes on."                     
Luke chuckled "Aww is my little Bella angry?" I hopped in the car and slammed the door.  HARD.      Luke looked pained and grummbled while walking to the drivers side. I smirked.

 "Aww is my Lukey Charms upset?                                                                                                  

"Just put your seltbeat on"
 "I had a way then losing it all on my own...I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown. And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat.....And I'm not sleeping now, the strength I need to push me...." I sung softly to the radio as I looked out the window. A large expanse of trees flew by and I sighed.  
"You know you have a really beautiful voice.....when you stop singing that is"
I laughed and punched him in the arm. "Oh shut up. I recall two toddlers singing to In-Sync and banging on pots and pans."
Luke blushed. "You remember that?"
"How could I forget that was when I first met Steven...and you."
We made eye contact and it felt like my heart was about to burst. He moved his hand over my hand that was resting on my lap and entwined our fingers. I felt so happy but then I realized how selfish I was being. Steven is god knows where, hurt and confused. and I'm sitting here holding hands with his brother.
"Is Steven going to be okay? I mean does transforming into a ah...."
"right.. Does transforming into a wolf hurt?"
I removed my hand from his and put it back on my lap. Luke frowned and put his hand back on the steering wheel.
"Stevens fine, mom and dad have everything undercontroll. Transfering into a wolf hurts at first. But once you keep doing it, it becomes second nature. For Steven its going to hurt more because he didn't transform at the normal age. But hes been waiting for this his entire life."
"Is any age really normal ? " I said under my breath.
Luke laughed "Well the normal age is around 10 years old. But once you change its amazing. The whole world is enhanced. Your emotions, the way the sky looks in the morning, the stars at night everything. And you also get the added benefits of speed, agility and a....mate"
"A soulmate?"

"Yes. Your other half ,the person fate picked out for you. Someone who you will fight to your last breath for, do anything you can to protect them.  Your soulmate is your lover, teacher, supporter and your best friend."

"Wow" I breathed.


He turned down a graveling road. and I began to wonder...
Has Luke found his mate? If he has who is she? But he can't have one because he wouldn't have kissed me if a mate is that important. Am I just a temporary person until he finds the real deal?
He pulled the car to a stop in front of a beautiful cabin and turned to me.
"Ask me" 
"I-what do you mean?"
"I want you to ask me if I found my mate yet."

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