Dinner was.... Interesting

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The next morning I called Nadia as soon as jay went to take a shower . I went downstairs to make sure she wouldn't hear the conversation .

" Nadia, you would not believe what happened last night!" I yell whispered.

"Girl it is 11 in the morning this better be good as hell! You know I don't wake up until 3 on Sunday's !" Nadia said in a tired annoyed voice.

"I kind of had sex with Jay" I said in a mumble whisper all of a sudden questioning whether I should've told her.

"You what ! "

Damn I forgot that girl has ears like a bat!

"Omg! Was it good? What did she do?Does she have a fake dick? Did you do anything to her?---"

"Whoa slow down , yes it was good , she only fingered me because I'm not use to sexual... Things I wouldn't know because she didn't pull one out and no I asked her if she wanted me to return the favor and she said no."

"Awwww that's so cute"

"And afterwards we said we love each other"

"That's so sweet... Do you really think you love her?"

"Yes I think I do" I hate moving things to fast but I feel like that's the only way... I just have too strong of feelings for her to take things to slow ."

"Do what feels right girl! I was telling you to do that in the first place."
"Thank you ... I think I hear her coming downstairs.. Bye"

"Bye girl, go get your flirt on " she said then hung up.

"Hey baby" Jay said and I instantly blushed hoping she didn't hear anything I said.

"Heyyy, are you ready to actually get our homework done this time?" I giggled .

She laughed

"Yes this time we should actually get it done... so keep your hands to yourself" she smirked.

"Last time I checked you were the one touching me" I said not being able the hold back my smile . I walked past her going back up the stairs and she followed.

"Stop being so sexy and we wouldn't have that problem" she shot back while picking up our notebooks up off the floor.

I giggled and she said on the bed and pulled me in her lap

"Baby we can't do our work sitting like this"

"Yes we can" she pouted holding me closer.

About 20 minutes later the notebooks where back on the floor and she was telling me about one time when she and her friends played hide and go seek in Walmart and got banned from the Walmart where she use to live

I giggled "why are you so bad?" I smiled looking up at her.

She half smiled "I actually don't know... Most of the time I don't intend for anything bad to happen it just ends up that way, but I gotta admit sometimes I bring it on myself"

Soon us talking ended up with us watching bob's burgers then we ended up getting hungry and made ourselves some lunch and after eating lunch we ended up full and cuddled up on the couch.

"What time today is your mom suppose to be coming back again ?" She asked blushing.

"In a few hours... You're scared to see her aren't you?" I sat up giggling

She blushed

"Maybe a little ... Ion know , maybe I should just go home ...."
She said jumping up to get ready

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