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Love is inevitable sometimes. And hate is nearly the complete opposite.

Love creeps in unexpectedly, pouncing when least wanted and most needed, in rare cases. Hate is a feeling just as powerful as love, but with the opposite affect. Where for love there is affection and smiles and happiness, hate is disgust and anger and frowns of dislike.

The feelings crawled through her of hope and love and lust, yet with anger and spite and annoyance. She was on the border between those two small yet so, so powerful words.

It confused the hell out of her. Where an insult was on the tip of her tongue, a feeling of goosebumps and smiles creeped through her body at the same time.

But something Hazel Jackson knew for sure was that Sawyer Fawkin was that deadly combination of both hate and love to her.

She didn't know, however, that when he proposed the idea to go on a road trip with her and she said yes that quite possibly one of those four letter words would pull through more than the other one.

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