Angel of Catastrophy's POV

"So,We need to unite"-Reiko

"Let's do it"-Me

"You're right"-Reiko

"We pray for the God and Goddess.Please lend us your power and Strength.We are the Angel of Catastrophy.Answer our prayers!"-Reiko and Me

Then suddenly booth of us glow and be as one.After that...

"That's what we call the Angel of Catastrophy"-Yukiteru

"You said it alright"-Okumura

"How do we look now we unite together"-Me

"You look Ryouko and Reiko.There's nothing special"-Yukiteru


"Shut up you two *mad*"-Me


This is what the Angel of Catastrophy looks like                        l


The color of the hair and the eyes is from Reiko                       l

And for the bangs and the length is from Ryouko.                    l

The voice is from both of them.                                                 l


"Let's kick some familiar of darkness n_n"-Yukiteru


"Right head of you"-Me

"Now she's flying -_-;"-Boys


"What the heck.Let's play"-Yukiteru

"Got that"-Okumura

After that the fight started again...

"God and Goddess lend me your light.Ball of Light!"-Me

Then a big shining ball appear on my hands and throw it to the enemy...

"Legendary King of Light.Scarlet Eyes!"-Yukiteru

"Emperor of Ice.Sacred Ice"-Okumura

Then we fight and fight and fight after that we kill the familiar darkness...

"Atlast it's finish"-Me

"Wow!All of are good"-Kyouko

"You won't get away with this"-Me


(Inside of me)


"Let's go back to normal"-Ryouko

"Sure n_n"-Ryouko

"Thanks n_n"-Reiko

"But Reiko.If we back to normal.Will everyhing will be okay?"-Ryouko

"Yes n_n"-Reiko

"Okay.Let's go n_n"-Ryouko


After that I glow and Ryouko separated to Reiko...

Ryouko's POV

"Kyouko.Please don't do this"-Me

"I won't listen to you"-Kyouko

"If you don't want to.Let's play"-Me

"That's what I' waiting for n_n"-Kyouko

"Reiko.You told me everything would be alright"-Me

"What about it?"-Reiko

"You lied.Everything is not alright"-Me

"I'm sorry"-Reiko

"Even though.Those words making me alright"-Me

"I'm glad"-Reiko


"What do you mean?"-Reiko

"You go ahead and defeat the boss"-Me

"You sure?"-Reiko

"Yes n_n"-Me

"Okay.Be careful *hugged*"-Reiko

"Promise us you will go to us after your fight"-Yukiteru

"Sure *hugged*"-Me

"Don't die.Okay?"-Okumura

"Okay n_n *hugged*"-Me

After that they leaved...

"Are you ready?"-Kyouko


End of Chapter 29

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