part 12

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i woke up to him touching my waist . i looked over quick , he removed his hand and grabbed his head .
"did we?.." he said pointing at his crotch .
i sat up "no , we didnt " i laughed .
" so you didnt bang him huh? " he said . i could tell he was smiling while he said it .
" how come you remember that , and not that we didnt do it?" i said laugjing it off.
" so , you were just getting me back ? well i did the same thing to you with that girl ." he said standing up face to face with me .
" i didnt do anything to make you jealous in the first place , so how did you get me back?" i said viciously .
"i just wanted to get your attention ." he said quietly .
"well, it did " i said under my breath looking away. he came up behind me and put his hands on my waist while his lips kissed my neck . his strong hands pushing my butt back on to him . my hands on his face , pulling his head closer to my neck . it felt good . i turned around with his arms now on my butt.
" sean is not the right guy for you " he said looking at me .
" oh and you are?" i said sarcastically
" yes , if you want me to be " he said .
i smiled and kissed him and started moving us towards his bed . he sat down on his bed with me standing over him kissing him still .
i took off his shirt and realized there was his wound .
" wait , wont it hurt you ?" i whispered pointing at his shoulder .
he shook his head no as he pulled my pants down . i continued to take off his shirt and went to his pants . i took iff my own shirt . i sat on top of his rised calvin klien boxers . i was in black laced bra with matching panties . i continued kissing him and we heard a knock at the door . we both looked up .
" uhg " he said laying his head back .
" hold on , ill be right back dont move ." he said putting sweats on and a shirt from the previous day .
i layed there with his blanket around me .it was a cloudy day , barely any light came in the room and it was cold . i heard who it was at the door . it was mike and rick wondering if he could watch the football game that was on in our living room .
"damn you dont match , what the hell are you wearing ?" rick lauged at daniel
" im in the middle of somethinng" daniel said
there was a quick pause for about a minute .
"ooh boyy haha well we wont bother you , were gonna be in here please ." they both pleaded.
i heard daniel walking back to the room .
" guys are here " he said shutting the door . " dont worry , they wont bother us ." he said taking off his shirt . i helped take off his pants and he got on top of me and got under the covers .
every time he thrusted in to me i had to bite diwn on my jaws and squeeze my eyes shut so that i didnt make a noise to make rick say something . it seemed as if daniel wanted me to scream , as he kept doing what he was doing he kissed me , forcing my mouth open . i had to let out a quick loud high pitched moan . daniel smiled . he accomplished his goal and proceeded. i grabbed the ends of his sheets and moaned again loudly . daniel let out a sexy giggle .

i got dressed in grey sweats and a white tank top that showed my stomache but stopped at the bottom of my belly button and had on a thin black zipper jacket and my hair down . i sat on the couch and he plopped right next to me and made it so that it sould make the couch make me fall on to him . i smiled and so did he . i noticed all eyes were on us .
" what ?" i said still smiling
" bout damn time " rick said under his breath laughing .
mike laughed eating popcorn .
"so like are you guys a thing now ?" mike said stuffing his face .
rick focused his eyes on us and so did mike .i squeezed daniels hand that was hidden by my sweats .
" go back to the game " he said smiling and squeezing back .

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