Harry Styles~ Dirty Imagine

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"Hey babe!" You yelled to Harry from across the stage. The show was over and you couldn't wait to hang out with him. He'd been gone for a week on tour as you stayed home, missing him. You came to this show though and it was great!

"Hey, love! I missed you," He said while walking towards you.

"I missed you more!" You replied, reaching up to your tippytoes to kiss his soft, plush lips. He kissed back and your stomach felt like a zoo. It's crazy how after a year of being together he still made you feel like a giddy thirteen year old.

The guys walked in to greet you as you were still kissing Harry, you noticed so you stopped. They all had silly grins on their faces, but it was nothing new to you, they were such children. But you loved it.

"Hey guys! You were amazing!" You said giving each one a welcoming hug. After giving Zayn, Louis, and Niall a hug you ended at Liam hugging him also. But he squeezed you tighter than any of them, almost squeezing the life out of you. But it was no big deal to you, he is one to be a little too loving. You looked over to Harry and his face looked a bit queasy, as if he was going to puke.

"(Y/N) we missed you! You look nice," Liam said before you could ask Harry what was wrong and your face became red. "Thanks Romeo, you guys look much better than me though. Damn, no wonder girls scream when they see you," You added jokingly, their laughter soon joining, except Harry; he just kind of chuckled and avoided it. You wondered what was up, but decided not to start a scene.

"So guys, what have you been up to? Other than the concerts," You asked nonchalantly. "Oh nothing! Just pretty much sleeping, eating, video games, tv, and missing you!" Liam said as you uncomfortably shifted. "All of us have been missing you, we love ya (Y/N)," He said trying to play off the fact that he was flirting with you. Well you thought he was atleast. "Ha... sounds fun, and thanks Liam I love you guys too," You said gesturing to all of the boys, realizing this group conversation became a Liam and you conversation.

"Yea we've mostly been eating.. well at least I have," Niall added grinning. "Niall.. we all know that I'm pretty sure you didn't have to tell (Y/N)," Zayn said laughing. You all giggled at Zayn's comment and then management walked up to you guys telling you that you all need to get onto the tour bus.

You smiled and nodded, reaching for Harrys hand, cupping yours in his as you started to walk off with the rest. But Harry didnt budge and you almost jerked back from the sudden surprise of him not moving with you. You gave him a look and noticed his eyes at the floor, he seemed upset.

"Harry come on. What are you doing?"

"Nothing.. just thinking," He said not lifting his eyes from the floor. Understanding that he wasn't going to budge til he got whatever it was off his mind, you stood beside him.

"Baby, we gotta go, what are you thinking about?" You lifted his chin and looked upon his glum face. "Just.... nevermind. Let's go okay?" He said still looking anywhere but your eyes. You decided to wait until the bus to ask so you just agreed. Once you got to the bus after a long, quiet, awkward walk, you were greeted by the boys.

"Hey what took you guys so long?" Louis asked. "Oh, we're just slow I guess," you said playing it off while walking to Harry's room. "I'm just gonna get into my pajamas guys, then I'll be out." Harry came in with you and sat on the bed.

"Okay, so what's wrong? And don't say nothing because I know you, Styles," You asked while putting one hand on your hip.

"I dont know.. I just..." He trailed off finally looking up at you. You gestured for him to continue. "Are you cheating on me?" He said in a firm voice.

"Excuse me?!" You said surprised. "You heard me." "NO! Why would you even ask me something like that? For christ sake, we've been together for over a year!"