Chapter 7

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Very very short

Muichiro POV

I'm with Tanjiro and Nezuko eating some rice balls at my estate. I silently eat while looking up at the sky wondering what that bird's name is. Tanjiro is talking away while Nezuko lays in his lap. 

"Muichiro this is so good. Thank you so much for having me here." Tanjiro says

"No problem." I say nonchalantly

Tanjiro sits up suddenly gaining my attention. He bows down.

"I'm sorry to ask you but you are a very good teacher. Please let me be your student!" Tanjiro begs

I honestly would rather not. This is too much of a hassle. It's not like I don't like him I'm just too lazy. I look at Nezuko and I see she is sleeping soundly....hnmmmm maybe I could for a couple of days train this kid. If it makes Nezuko happy I guess it wouldn't all be for nothing.

"Fine I'll teach you what I know." I say stoically

A massive smile appears on his face.

"Thank you so much Muichiro! I won't let you down!" Tanjiro shouts

How is Nezuko not awake after all the commotion. I go back to looking at the sky in boredom. Maybe it won't be so bad training him. I hear some commotion from behind and sense those two idiots in back of me. I pick up two pebbles and throw it at their heads.

"Owwwww what the hell was that for!!!" The yellow haired kid says

"Now you've done it!! You're going to get a piece of now!!!" The boar guy yells

Tanjiro goes in front of me trying to calm down his friends but he fails miserably. I feel someone grab my hand and Nezuko smiles up at me. She hums in happiness and I can't help but smile back at her.

"What do you think you are doing with my Nezuko!!!!" The yellow haired kid yells

"Would you be quite. There are other people other than you here." I say annoyed

This kept going for some till I did something about it. Those two really are annoying. Well there is something good that came out of meeting all of them. I got to be friends with Nezuko. That's all that really matters to me in the end.

I don't think I'll finish this or write any more. I kinda lost the drive too and I'm working on other books at the moment. I'm sorry to all those people who want to see this book continued.

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