S2 Chapter 29: Athenas Resolve! Sovereign Adeona!!

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*It had been some time since Athena had evolved her recently destroyed Guardian Adeona into Sovereign Adeona, a Spark-Drive System bey which featured a Burst Stopper, Rubber Blades and a new driver which had a special mode change. Athena sat in her room on the Cruise Ship and she cleaned off her launcher and stared over at her new bey* 

Athena: Adeona.. We have to master your new abilities TODAY, the Sparking Legend Tour is just a week and a half away. We need to unearth the rest of your hidden power!

*Athena grabbed her bey and she dashed out of the room and she raced to the Sparking Arena immediately*


*Lane was at his abandoned Factory and he sat at the workbench as he stared down at his Lucifer*

Lane: I defeated Athena Valhalla but yet, something still feels wrong.. Something is telling me that dear sweet Athena has found some newfound resolve..! Lucifer, what's going on!!

*Lane was pulled into the Avatar World and their backs were turned to each other*

Lane: I want to know, why does Athena keep doing this? What is driving her?

Lucifer: What do you think?

Lane: I don't know, what she is trying to do is not even clear in my mind.. I'm under the impression that she is doing this for no reason.

Lucifer: Is that what you truly believe?

Lane: I do.. She has no reason to chase me down every day of my life.

Lucifer: The battle you had with Athena yesterday, you seemed pretty happy about your sisters despair.

Lane: You're just now noticing that? I expressed that i don't like her and i would do whatever it takes to cut her out of my life.

Lucifer: My next question to you is going to be very important? What are you truly after or what do you really want?

*Lane looked down as he stared into the pitch black void below him*

Lane: I want to know why she's doing this.. Why she puts so much effort into a hopeless goal, i want to know why she cares... that is what i truly want to know.

Lucifer: Fascinating, i don't know much about her but it seems she cares about you a lot.. do you know why?

Lane: No but you act like you do..

Lucifer: Maybe i do, maybe i don't. So why does it matter, the answer to your question is something you're going to have to find by yourself. I've given all the guidance i can possibly give.

*The avatar world began to disappear and Lane re-awoke and he looked down at the blueprints of what was to be his newly evolved Lucifer*

Lane: My battle with Aiga is tommorow, regardless if we win or lose.. We'll evolve tomorrow, the world isn't ready for your unrivaled power yet.

*Lane stepped up to his stadium and started training!*


*Athena had been training for the past hour and she had already beaten Sisco and Rantaro in battle but still hadn't drawn out all of Adeona's hidden power*

Athena: We're not done yet, we still haven't drawn out any of Adeona's true power.

*Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Valt Aoi walking into the training center with his signature bright smile*

Athena: Valt!

Valt: Athena, i heard you had remade Adeona so i've come to check and see what it was all about.

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