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Juliet, One Month Later

"Alright, are you ready?" I asked Sarah.

She nodded, and we climbed in the Titan. 

Today, Sarah was getting the cochlear implant.

"Are you excited?" I asked.

"Yeah. Scared, too."

"It's a very small incision. You'll be under for a while, but these are some the best doctors in the country. Maybe the world. You'll be okay."

"I suppose."

"I'm serious. You'll be okay."

She smiled at me, as we pulled into the parking lot. She took one look at the building and a look of fear came to her. We walked in, Sarah holding my hand. We signed in, and were led to a room where Sarah would change into a hospital gown, and get hooked up to IVs. We talked, just trying to keep her calm. After about an hour, she was wheeled off to get her surgery.

I sat in a a waiting room, realizing how Niall felt when I was in the operating room.


"Niall! Come on! We don't have all day!"

"Harry, she's going to be gone for at least 4 hours."

"Just...come on. I just want to find something that's perfect for her."

"Anything you get her is going to be perfect. Come on, let's go. Before you have aneurysm or something."

Juliet, 6 Hours Later

I had gotten up a few minutes ago, after sitting for 5 1/2 hours. My butt was numb and my back was sore. I gad bought a Pepsi out of one of the vending machines, trying to stay awake.

As I walked back into the waiting room, it wasn't too long before a nurse walked in to take me to Sarah. She was laying on a bed, IVs in her arm, and an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth.

I sat for a little while, maybe an hour, before she actually woke up.

She lifted the mas while she spoke, but immediately put it back on after she was done.


" are you feeling."

"Head hurts. Hungry."

"Well, once the anesthesia wears off, one of the nurses will bring you some food."

She gave me a thumbs up, as a nurse came in to check her vitals. She said that Sarah would stay over night, to make sure the anesthesia gets out of her system and the implants will work properly.

"Are you going to stay over night?" the nurse asked.

"Yeah. Just in case she wakes up enough."

Sarah had fallen asleep after our short conversation. A bed and blankets were brought in for me to sleep on. I texted Niall, telling him I wouldn't be home tonight.

The new house had been in the process of remodeling, walls painted, some taken down to create more space. We had a room to use for music, like we had at our old home. The room the twins' now shared, would soon be only one of theirs', and an extra would be the others'. It would be a house that many of us would be able to stay in for a long time to come.

Ella and Xavier had moved in, too. So now I have a girl of my age to talk to. And the twins have a child not too much older than them to play with too.

I played a few games on my phone for a while, and fell asleep.

As the morning came, I heard a TV on. I looked up, and saw Sarah watching it.

"Morning, sunshine." I said, sitting up.

"Morning. Hey, I could actually hear you."

"Well, the implant isn't a magical cure, but it can restore partial hearing abilities."

"Oh, a doctor came in. He check my implants and he said we can go home when you sign the paper work."

Well that's cool. I grabbed a piece of gum from my purse to make sure my breath wouldn't be to obad, and went to the desk to sign Sarah out. I talked to her doctor to make sure I understood everything.

Sarah got into her clothes from before and we left. Just like that.

She was so happy to be able to listen to her uncles' and godfathers' music. While her voice wasn't exactly 'developed', she tried singing along a little bit.

I cannot tell you how good it feels, to see your child realize there's an even better quality life when they've been deaf for a few years and thought it would never be possible for it to be somewhat reversed.

We pulled into the driveway and parked, then walked in to the house.

Everyone gathered as we walked in. There was a group hug, tears of joy that Sarah could hear. She stepped back. "I can hear you all."

It would be a long journey, adjusting to having these implants. Things she hadn't heard for 2 or 3 years would become normal. Alarms, horns, animals, people. Everything. Even on the way back she was jumpy.

Ella and I went off to the side, leaving Sarah to the rest of the family.

"So are you happy she did it?"

"Yeah. I am. I think she's happy she did it, and didn't do it for anyone other than herself."

"Was she scared?"

"Out of her mind. But we talked through it untill she fell asleep. And then I stayed the night with her, just to make sure she was okay when she woke up."

"You're a good mom, you know. I don't think I'd be able to tough through what you have. If anything like that had happened to Xavier, I have no idea what I'd do..."

"Hey, you just gotta cross that bridge when and if it ever comes. And if it ever does, I'll be around to help you. You will be my sister, you know. Legally."

"Good point. So... you think the story of your life is coming to and end?"

"Ha. I's just starting."

This is only the prep time for the future.


One more chapter, my friends.

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