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Pen Your Pride

Lasercorn was still blushing about the dance-the game bang ep, which were he and Ian was doing a romantic dance, because the two had lost Game Bang.

“Lasercorn?” Ian called, staring at him. “Why are you blushing?” 

“It’s because of that dance we did..on that episode of game bang..”

Ian froze for a moment. He laughed nervously and said, 

“Oh come on. It was just a dance.”

“But..people have started shipping us together!”

“Really?” Ian’s tone turned to confused. “Search ‘Iancorn’! I thought it was just a name for us when we were a team!”

Lasercorn sighed heavily and typed “Iancorn” in the Google search on the laptop. He clicked on the “Images” section.

Then, there was a small amount of ‘Iancorn’ pictures showing up.

“Oh shit..look at this one!” Ian pointed to one where he and Ian was dancing, and they were both in a big heart. “UGH! NO MORE! CLOSE THE TAB!”

Lasercorn did what Ian told him to, and closed the tab. He sighed in relief. 

“Some people are crazy..why would they ship us together?  I mean..we’re both boys!” Ian exclaimed. “Yeah,” Lasercorn agreed.

Ian sighed and slumped onto the pillow of his bed. His bright blue eyes glittered in the sunlight that was coming in through the window. Lasercorn felt something warm inside him. It was tingly. Was it love? Nah, He thought. The “Iancorn” stuff is just getting to me..right?

But..Ian looked so beautiful in the sunlight. And he was just so perfect. He was funny, adorable, attractive.. Lasercorn paused thinking about Ian. Wait wait wait. What am i thinking?!  Is this feeling really Love?

He gazed at Ian. Ian turned around, still laying on his bed. “Hey, why are you staring at me?” He asked.

“O-oh, it’s n-nothing.” Lasercorn stammered.

“This is weird. Previously when you were talking to me, you didn’t even stammer at all!” 

Lasercorn gulped, and said “Er..”

Ian stood up from his bed, and walked closer to Lasercorn, until Lasercorn walked slowly backwards to the wall, and there was nowhere to go.

“What, are you attracted to me now?” Ian pressed the wall with his hands, trapping Lasercorn.


“Yes you are.” Ian stated softly. He then grabbed both Lasercorn’s hands and pressed it to the wall. “I can tell..”

Lasercorn’s face quickly turned red, and he turned his head away from him, closing his eyes.

Ian grabbed his face, making it face Ian’s face again. Lasercorn, in surprise opened his eyes.

“See? Your face is turning red because i’m saying that you ARE attracted to me, and i know it.” 

Lasercorn couldn’t say anything. He was trapped to the wall.

Ian slowly moved his face closer to his. Lasercorn’s face turned even redder.


A/N: Lol, sorry for cliffhanger. XDD! Anyway the kiss will probably be in Chapter 2. :33 I’m guessing you guys are going to say “NOW KISS!” XDD

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