Part 31 ; Wedding Planning

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TS Group Company, Taehyung's Pov ;

"I'm sorry, CEO Kim. But after the shareholders' meeting, you have an appointment with Ms. Y/n's family to discuss about the wedding tonight around 8pm" Said my assistant into my office after knocking on the door. I nodded my head before I sighed heavily.

What if Y/n can't accept all this? I still can accept that I will be a father to her baby and I am also willing to do anything for Y/n until I can risk my life to get Y/n's love. What was my shortcoming until it was so hard for her to love me?

I leaned my back on my office chair while gently massaging my forehead. "You all can leave now" I said to the person I hired and turned the office chair to around to facing them. Why is all this so hard? Y/n, can you try to give me a chance to win your heart? I already fall deep on you for serious.

Ruby's Company ;

"Wait what, eomma? What did you mean by that?" Y/n asked with confused feelings by what her mother said on their call. Why do mom suddenly want me to go home early today? What was happening?

Y/n said in her heart as she stared at the laptop for few moments after ending their voice call. But why do I feel uneasy now?

"Miss Y/n, I want you to send the documents to me that I asked for last week after tomorrow." Jimin said to Y/n after entering her office and their atmosphere was quite cold after what was happening to them last time "Sure, Ceo Park"

Jimin looked at Y/n's face for a few moments before starting his conversation with Y/n. "Something was bother your mind right now, Miss Y/n?" Jimin asked with a slightly serious face. "Aa hmm no, CEO Park." Answer Y/n quickly while standing up from her seat as a sign of respect for the employer.

"Are you sure, miss Y/n?"

"Yes" Y/n answered again while nodding her head. "Well good then, I don't want you to mix your personal problem with work problem. It can be difficult for you to finish the document that I gave you as your job" Y/n just kept quiet and bowed her head as she looked on the floor.

"Jim-" Y/n not finished her sentence yet but Jimin already cut Y/n's sentence to him "We're in office, Miss Y/n. I am your employer now." Jimin said very firmly to Y/n for the first time until Y/n was a little surprised at his voice.

"I'm sorry, Ceo Park." Y/n said by bowing her head again, maybe Jimin was still angry after what happened. "I have advised you, dont talk about personal problem in the company."

"This is not what I want to do or try to be rude to you now but only this all I can do to force myself to forget the feelings of love and our old memories" Jimin said to Y/n then sighed heavily. It is not he intention to be rude or cold with Y/n but he was trying to stop loving her again.

Y/n just looked at Jimin's face for a few moments and faster looked the other way, she didn't want their eyes meet. "Its okay, Y/n. After what happened a few years ago, it must have been hard for you to open your heart to me again but I want you to know that I was also forced to do this all. I have no intention of leaving you and letting you marry Jungkook."

"But if I don't become a stupid and weak man, you won't suffer by marrying a guy like Jungkook. I'm sorry for everything until it can destroy your life and not be able to fight for our love few years ago." Y/n just kept quiet for a moment after hearing what Jimin said.

"I know we can't force someone to love us again after being hurt and loving someone doesn't mean we have to own the person." Jimin said calmly to Y/n but his feelings were still shattered. It's too hard for him to get Y/n's love like before and now, he'll love a girl named Y/n from afar then try to forget his feelings towards her slowly.

It's suddenly stopped Jimin's steps to leave Y/n's office after his conversation with Y/n and try to opened the door. Their eyes began to unite as two of them tried to open the door simultaneously. Why did he come all of a sudden? Does he want to disturb Y/n's life again? Jimin said in his heart as he wondered about his arrival.

"What are you doing here?" Jimin asked him while standing in front of Y/n's office and Jimin could see that he was smirking looking at his face. "Wae? Why do I need to tell you about my company matter? " Jungkook asked Jimin with a sharp look.

Skip Times, Y/n's Parents House ;

"I heard that you are pregnant with Taehyung's child now. I don't think we can postpone this marriage any longer, Y/n. We have to think about what everyone around us thinks about us who are pregnant before marriage."

Y/n looked at Taehyung's face in surprise, he admitted that he got me pregnant even though he didn't?

"Yes that was right, Mrs Lee" Teahyung's mom said in agreement with what Y/n's said." You two no need to postpone this marriage and your stomach will grow soon, Y/n. We have to think about what people will say to our families later. " Mrs Kim said again to Y/n.

"I once talked to Y/n that we need to get marriage as fast as we can but she kept saying that she wanted to postpone it for a while." Taehyung said calmly in front of the two sides of their family. "Why do you still want to postpone this marriage, Y/n?"

"Eomma, it's was hmm. I'm still nervous about my second marriage." Y/n said hesitantly to her mother. "Its okay, Mrs. Lee. maybe Y/n is still afraid to remarry for a second time after her first marriage was destroyed. Y/n, if you are still not ready. You can postpone this marriage for another 3 months. "

"Ehm no, Mrs. Kim. I will marry Taehyung at the end of this month." What Y/n said made Taehyung look at her with a slightly surprised reaction. "Are you sure, Y/n? Don't force yourself if you can't do it." Y/n nodded his head slowly.

"Yes I'm sure,"

To Be Continued...

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