Chapter 11

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After you and Dean were done playing, you fell asleep on Dean's bed. Dean carefully moves you and he lays beside you. Dean puts his arm around you. You move closer to Dean. Dean looked down at you. You were snuggling close to Dean. Your head was against his chest, you could hear his heart beating.
Dean kisses your head and he snuggles you closer to him.

Sam and Dean were awake. You were still sleeping in Dean's bed. You didn't want to get out of bed, you were warm and comfy.

Sam: Is y/n sleeping?
Dean: Yeah.
Sam: You better wake her up soon.
Dean: Yeah.

You were still sleeping. You then began having a nightmare. In your nightmare, you felt yourself falling down a hole. You landed back in Ohio, you saw your home on fire, you saw the witch killing your family. You could hear their screams. You scream in your dream. In your dream, you saw Sam and Dean getting in the impala. You scream their names, they don't hear you and they drive off. You keep yelling their names.

Dean and Sam hear you, Dean runs right to his room. He sees you twisting and turning.
You: Please come back.
Dean runs to you and he gently shakes you.
Dean: Y/n. Y/n, wake up.
You open your eyes and your breathing was heavy.
Dean: What happened baby girl?
You look at Dean and Sam. You then hug them both.
Dean: What happened?
Sam: y/n?
You: you guys won't leave me? Will you?
Dean: Y/n, we won't ever leave you. I promise you. We love you.
Sam: You're one tough little girl and you are a great addition to the family.
Sam kisses your forehead.
You: I love you guys.
Sam: We love you too.
Dean smiles and he holds your hand.
Dean: We're aren't going anywhere.*smiles*
You smile at Dean and he kisses your cheek.

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