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                                                                        Chapter 13

Julie’s POV

“So, what happened next?” Mark was leaning on the table hanging on my every word. I’d just gotten back from the trip, and he insisted we meet at the coffee shop downtown so he could know all of the details.

“Well, he has agreed to give me some space. Besides, I don’t know if I want to date my boss. I need this job, Mark.”

“Girl, who cares about the job. He’s so hot, I’d jump him.” He accented his declaration with an all snaps gesture.

“I know. I’m being totally stupid. But I think it would be better to go slow anyway. I mean really, that last thing I want to do is end up in bed, and then have to get a new job.”

“Yeah, there is that.” Mark took a sip of his coffee. “There aren’t a lot of jobs during the summer that are still available. Especially in this little town. When people clear out for the summer, this place becomes dead.”

Mark had the best local point of view. He was such a homeboy, deciding to stay at home and go to college. But thank god he did stay for the summer. I don’t know what I would do without him to hold my hand through this.

“So, any more trips in the planning?” He eyed me with a bit of mischief in his voice.

I covered the awkwardness with a sip of coffee before saying, “May-be.”

“Oh, so, you do like him?”

“Well, yeah, I’m not stupid. I just think moving slow would be the best move.”

“That’s it girl. Keep him wanting more.”

He fist bumped me, and I had to laugh. “Yeah, maybe your right.” I’d not told him about Stephen. No one knew except Peter. Luckily, he was keeping that secret. I knew I could trust him.

Mark kept going. “If you time it right, you can pull him your way, and he’ll never want to let go.”

I almost choked on my coffee. “And you’re the expert on men?”

“Well, yes. On know how to keep them. Men can be the gentle beast that has that one head thinking. You can lead us around with it. But when it comes to long term, you need to sink your claws in carefully or he’ll run off. Men like to be free unless they choose to go after you. Let him chase you for a bit. He’ll love the challenge.”

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