Chapter 1

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It was a happy surprise seeing how well this story did! I wasn't sure when I was first posting it how it was going to do but I'm really happy with it! I'm glad you guys seem to like it so much! So of course as long as you want it I will continue to post on it! I don't think this chapter is my best work but yanno, I tried my best.. Though it's still new story I had a bit of trouble writing this chapter..

But I promised I would upload on it so of course I will! Also I'm sick as hell and I feel like absolute shit so it'll be a little short! Thanks for reading, I hope you guys like it a lot better than I do! Here it is.. 



 I removed the towel from around my waist and pulled on black boxers before rasing the towel to work on my still wet hair. I sighed and pulled on a long sleeve shirt before falling back on the bed. I checked the clock to see it was about ten and I had enough time to relax for a bit.

I looked up at the ceiling and frowned before laughing softly a few tears gathering in my eyes as the memories hit me like a bus.

It was still blue from when Lou wanted to paint it. As odd as it was just waking up one morning and told me he wanted to paint the ceiling. I chuckled weakly and closed my eyes, thinking back to when he first told me..

"Lou we are not painting it blue! I like it white!" I groaned and Lou pouted, his gorgeous lip sticking out and eyes growing big. I melted instantly like I always did and sighed, looking up at our white ceiling probably for the last time..

But the big smile on Louis' face made me happy to do this small thing for him. I sighed softly but grabbed my keys to go buy the 'sky blue' paint.

"Love you Hazza." He whispered, kissing me softly and I giggled, kissing back before pulling away. I smiled.

"Love you boo bear."

A small tear made it's way down my face as I tried not to break down. I let out a shaky breath as my phone went off. I was thankful for the distraction and picked up the iPhone from the table next to my bed.

Niall Horan

I clicked the red ignore button and put it back down with a frown. I knew we had an interview today but we just never talked anymore. More like I ignored all the boys and they mostly gave up on trying. My phone buzzed again and I sighed trying to ignore it until it got annoying and I grabbed it, scowling at the name flashing on the screen.

Liam Payne

I hit the same ignore button and two seconds later Liam was calling me again. I hit the ignore button. We continued to do this until around the fifth call he stopped and the next name on the phone surprised me.

Paul Higgins

I quickly answered and brought the phone to my ear.

"Where the hell are you?! You aren't here and we go live in ten minutes!" I gasped and looked over at the clock, shocked to see how much time had gone by since I got out of the shower. It must have been at least half an hour of me just sitting here.

I quickly pulled on black jeans and my grey converse before picking up m keys and rushing out of the house.

"I'll be right there." I hummed, hanging up the phone with a sigh before getting in my car and quickly driving down. For a few minutes I couldn't think of where this interview was and I was happy it was one in town that was close to home for once.

Parking the car I smiled at the familiar security guards that helped me in.I smiled as I saw Nick  standing there at the front. I could see the boy talking to what seemed to be Matt in the back round but I just threw myself at my best friend.

"Hey Hazz." He chuckled and I smiled against his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and I knew I was lucky. He didn't have many of these kind of moments with people. But for some reason I didn't know.. He was different with me. 

I smiled and kissed his cheek before pulling away and pushing him in as it started to rain. I pouted and shook my curls hopefully getting the little bit of water out. I smiled up at Nick as he wrapped an arm around me and pushed past the boys. I felt -as cheesy as it is- sparks shook up my arms as I brushed against someone's arm. 

I knew just by the soft skin it was Louis but I kept my eyes locked on the floor. I would not let him know how he makes me feel even after he broke me.

"You guys ready?" Nick asked, sitting down with a small smile. The boys nodded and Paul gave me a sad smile which I ignored and sat down. 

As Louis sat down next to me I could have sworn the universe hated me as much as I hated it. I shifted away from him and tried to ignore the hurt on his face. I ignored the other boys 'hellos' and 'hey man' from Zayn. 

You could call me childish or stupid or whatever you want but I wasn't anywhere near to forgiving the boys. In fact you could say I hated them. The day they choose fucking Eleanor over me.. Was the last day I would even look at them without disgust or the hurt constantly in my eyes and heart. I don't care what you think. I don't care what the fans think, or the boys, or my family...

Because in the end.. I'll always be completely and painfully..Alone.

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So this sucked..'m sorry guys..But I really wanted to have it up for you because I felt bad it took so long to find inspiration..But I really just can't seem to find something to write about and I don't want to delete it because I know you guys seem to like it..

If anyone has ANY ideas/prompts on what they'd like to happen in this story just comment below and I'll check them out and consider each one:) 

Comment,vote,fan whatever!:)

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