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Chapter 47 - that heart is so cold

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I unconsciously rut up against his thigh and accidentally moan in the process.

"Harry," Niall groans and pulls me upwards, sitting up against the headboard and putting me on his lap, "move around now.." he says and stares at me, pupils fully dilated.

I slowly begin to roll my hips over his and he lets out little whimpers and heavy breaths.

"Mmm fuck," he shuts his eyes in pleasure and I grind down harder, the pressure increasing for both of us, my hips connecting fully flush against his, our dicks rubbing together with just the right amount of friction.

"I'm close.." I whine.. but this isn't enough to make me come.

"Sa- ah shit, same," Niall whispers, his eyes still shut and his hands gripping my hips, now that I've started to fill out again, I move down his body stopping my hip swivels and he whines.

I kiss down his chest and abs, reaching my favourite tattoo. The creepy doll.

I lick across it and I'm so fucking turned on right now.  Niall has a tent in his boxers, so I'm not the only one.

I mouth at him through his boxers and he whines again, obviously wanting more. His boxers are off faster than he can say 'Harry'.

"Hazzz... Fuck me.." he smirks and I'm taken aback, honestly.

"What?" I don't know if I should believe him.

"You could top... If you wanted.. never mind, I'm sorry.. I-I was just.. w-wanting to know what it was like.. but I suppose-"


"If you don't wanna do it, we don't have to.. I'll top if you want, but you always seem to he so pleasured from it-"


"And I thought maybe I could experience it but now I see it's a weird idea-"


"Yeah?!" He says back with a blush on his cheeks.

"You wanna be fucked? But what if I hurt you?" I frown and he shrugs.

"You won't hurt me.. I just.. I don't know.."

"I could finger you... See if I can make you come like that," he blushes and fiddles with his fingers but nods none the less.

"I'll take care of you.. I know you wanna try but if I hurt you, tell me yeah?" He nods and reaches over giving me the lube. Guys this is actually happening...I might top Niall Horan, the Niall Horan is gonna be topped by me.

I open the lube and he tells me to spread it all over my fingers, because I've never fingered anyone...not even myself.

I prop him up and he looks nervous.

"Ni, Baby, don't worry ok... It feels good, I promise.." he nods and I take his hand, he nods at me to say go and I slowly put my finger to his entrance and he tenses.

"Relax baby relax," I tell him soothing him a little and he relaxes his muscle, I slowly push past his ring of muscle and he doesn't tense just pulls a weird face.

"Feels weird..." He says and I nod. It does feel really strange at first, it did when he first fingered me.

"It does.. but it get better.. tell me when to move," he nods and fully relaxes.

"Ok.. m-move.." I slowly start to pump my finger in and out of him, very very slowly, not wanting him to feel pain, but the good thing is, he's still really hard and throbbing and red and I wanna lick his dick. So I do. And he moans.

"Shit haz, more.." he breathes loudly and I add a second finger.. going even slower... But he only tenses a little then relaxes again. And I search around for his spot.

His.. prostate. I do believe it's closer to the bladder.. so I'll just press my fingers upwards and...

"Oh my fucking jesus.. fuck shit..." I think I found it, "m-more.. fuuuck.. " he whispers and moans a lot.

"Holy shit... N-now I know... W-why you like it..." I nod in agreement and watch his face contort in pleasure from my doing alone, I'm so hard. Help. Someone please.

"I'm close.. t-touch me," he begs and I lean down and suck him off. He just moans louder as I finger him a little faster now, and hit his prostate harder and longer... Just pressing my fingers against it, his moans getting knocked out of him.

"I'm gonna come... Oh my.. shit, god," he moans again and again until finally he comes harder and tenses around my fingers, as I suck him through his orgasm and pull my fingers out.

His breaths are shallow and lingered. His eyes still screwed tight until he looks at me again.

"Wow.." he laughs a little.

"I know bruh.. I know," he looks at me with a little smirks and drags me back upwards.

"I do believe I owe you something now... What do you want?" He asks me...

"Urmmm blow me?"

"Gladly..." He laughs and begins his work at my end.

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