5. Older Bloke With a Limp

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A/N: Finally! That's all I can say. This is my longest chapter ever so far...I think.


I arrived at home to see my roommates Eleanor and Chris sitting on the front steps, basking in the sunlight.

Chris squinted up at me as I approached. "Well look who it is." He said as he brushed the sweat from his spiked blond hair .

Eleanor moved from leaning with her elbows on the step and her head back - to sitting upright and grinning. Her long brown locks were flowing in the breeze. She had a cup of tea beside her of course, like the English woman she was. She opened her eyes barely, just enough to see who was in front of her. She smiled as she placed her right hand over her eyes for shade. Eleanor was barefoot, in a plaid top and jeans, while Chris was wearing a grey t-shirt and shorts that showed off his hairy blond leg hairs.

"Hey!" I called out as I reached them.

"And where were you, Miss Donovan?" Eleanor asked. "I got worried when you didn't come home last night." She sounded more like my mother than my roommate who I had only just met two and a half months ago.

All three of us had met on the plane ride over here - and it was pure luck that we were the only non-Moroccans in that section of the plane and happened to be sitting close to each other. Chris and I sat beside each other, while Eleanor was in front sitting beside an old woman who didn't speak, so she was always turning round to chat with us. We talked for most of the plane ride, and when we got to the airport, I was on my way to find a hotel while Chris was about to go to some bar(at least that's what he said. It wasn't until Eleanor had stopped us and said she had a place and would let us stay with her and we could split the rent if we helped her get a cab. So we got her a cab - and the rest is history I guess.

"Yeah. She thought we'd find you dead somewhere." Chris added.

She elbowed him "Oh be quiet." Then, she turned to me. "I didn't think that at all Natalie," she told me.

"That's good to know." I replied. I walked over and took a seat beside them, on what little space there was left on the step, so I was no longer blinding their eyeballs by standing right where the sun was shining. Eleanor took her cup up in her hand.

"No, really. where were you?" She asked, turning to me.

I took a deep breath and contemplated what and how much I should tell them. Or how much I wanted to tell them.

"With a friend," I replied. It wasn't a lie - just very vague.

"I thought you didn't know anyone in Morocco?" Eleanor asked, still watching me curiously.

She was right. On the way over here, I mentioned that I didn't know anyone from here and was just going for the experience. It was true...at the time.

"Well, I guess I do now." I shrugged.

"Well, excuse me?" She was smiling now. I just grinned. I knew what she was thinking and a part of me wanted her to believe that I had been reckless and hooked up with some random Moroccan hunk - even when I hadn't. Honestly, I wasn't that kind of person. I was more of a relationship kinda girl.

I got up from the steps and made my way inside.

"You didn't have a one-nightstand, did you?" I turned around to see that Eleanor had followed me inside. "Not judging if you did." She added.

I shook my head as I walked over to the kitchen table. "Uh - no. Sorry to disappoint." I unzipped by bag and began taking the things out.

"Really - then what happened?" She asked.

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