S2 Chapter 28: Decisive Battle On The High Seas: Athena VS Lane!!

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*It was the 5th battle, the battle that could decide the winner of the practice finals. The score was 2-2 and Lane was grinning sinisterly as he covered his face with his hand as his eye peeked out and Athena pretty much just stared coldly at him as she watched his Flare flow around him*

Lane: So Athena, what are your last words to Adeona before it is destroyed to a thousand pieces?!

Athena: Destroyed you say? I already told you that wasn't going to happen.

Lane: I'll give you credit for lasting this long, i should've destroyed you in the previous battle but looks like you've exceeded my expectations once again. So this time, i'm holding nothing back! I'll rip Adeona to shreds in this battle!

Athena: Oh really now? Just don't cry when i win this.

*Lanes eyes begin to widen as he smiles with a sinister grin, his voice breaking and took on a more psychotic tone*

Lane: Ha, i'm actually praising you!

*Lane could feel a newfound energy building up inside him, the energy took the form of the Black Sun and it pulsed with a purple ring. Lane opened his eyes and he screamed out his next words as his eyes glowed*


Referee: 5th Battle!!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle was about to start*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium for the final time and both of them race around the stadium at top speed*

Lane: Send them flying!!

Athena: Alright, show them your awakened power!!

*Both beys clashed with all their might as sparks began to fly from the collision. Lane began to smile evilly as Lucifer was starting to push it back and send it flying*

Athena: Tch..!

*Lucifer heads onto the 4th Level and heads to jump off of it*

Lane: Do it!!

*Lucifers leaps off the 4th Level into the air and dove straight for Adeona!*

Athena: You know what to do! Counter now!!

*Adeona uses its awakened blades to strike Lucifer head on and it sends it flying into the air and Lane was whipped in the face with a surge of power*

Athena: Is that all you've got? This is all over!

Lane: Oh no, this is only the beginning of the end!

*Lucifer lands back in the stadium and it began to chase Adeona onto the 1st Level*

Athena: Alright Adeona, full speed!!

*Adeona scrapes on its +L Attachment and speeds ahead! The sun inside of Lane releases a thumping heartbeat sound! Adeona lands back in the stadium as Lucifer was close behind*

Athena: Alright now! Do it!!

*Another loud tremor shakes the sun within Lane and he could actually feel it as it ripped through his heart*

*Adeona slams into the wall and it gained a bit of speed*

Athena: Me and Adeona are the ones who reign supreme!

*The sun began to surge with power and Lanes eyes began to glow with a yellow glow and a purple stream of energy began to emit from his iris*

Lane: The ones who reign supreme is me and Lucifer!

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