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⚠is a there will be smut and pussy boy  if you dont like it leave⚠

tae and joon are friends since they are kids but joon have been friends but tae didnt know that joon have a crush on him and today joon was going to tell him about it him and tae live togeaher

so he will tell him before they go to sleep .the night comes and joon was scared that tae will hate him after that 

joon*tae can we talk 

tae* sure whats up 

joon * lets go to my room  

they go to joon's roomas they go there tae was standing and he was looking at joon to start talking 

joon* i like you 

tae looking at him with wide eyes he was so shook to know that his best friend like him 

tae* h-huh you mean as a friends..

joon* no i like you i love you i want you to be my boyfriend  

tae* ii.i love you to 

joon was shook he was thinking that he will say no and break their friendship or something like that  but tae likes him he didnt think about it .joon walk to tae and look at his eyes 

joon* can i kiss you 

tae nodded and joon didnt wait and kiss him and deep and hot kiss that tae moaned from the kiss .joon start touching tae he grab his ass and squeezed it and made tae moened again he likes his moans so much .joon was turn on from taes moan and body and tae was already turn on just by seeing joon shrtless in the morning. is like a dream coming true for him 

tae * fuck me 

 joon throw tae on his bed and get ontop of him and take his clothes of but joon stop and look at tae

tae* why did you stop ?

joon* are you sure you want to do it 

tse* yes just please do it fuck me

tae start whining and asking joon to fuck.joon do as he ask but he start fingering him and nice that tae is a little lose 

joon* did you touch yourself 

tae nodded and jiin added more fingers .

joon* show me

tae* w-what 

joon*show me how you did it 

tae * joon no plz

tae says as he was feeling shy 

joon*then i wont touch you 

tae do what he was asked to do he finger himself  whining he was trying not to moan to loud 

joon* who did you think of when you touch yourself today 

tae* you 

joon * you were thinkong of me fucking your slutty cun huh  

tae* fuck....plz  fuck me 

joon stare at him with lost and seeing tae touching himself and begging him to fuck him was hot .he hold his lags up and put it on his shoulders. he line his dick with tae hole so he can put his dick on .

joon* did you had sex before 

tae* no 

joon thrust in all the way as he hear that 

joon* shit this feels good you are tight

joon didnt let tae  get used to  and  thruset harder 

tae*ahhh f-fuck s-slow down 

but he didnt care about tae  say and go fastr and harder that tae feeling so good that he cant think straight joon was fucking so good that he feel that he gonna squirt 

tae*im .im close ahhhhh shit 

joon* you like that huh Ahhhh  do you wanna cum 

tae * cumming 

tae squirt on joon dick so was  hard 

joon* look at the messes  you made with your slutty cunt

tae was loving all of the things that he says and do for him joon was going more harder and faster 

joon* shit im-im cum_cumming 

joon and tae cum at the same time joon pull out and lay down and look to tae side to see tae was fast asleep he smile and clean himself and tae then hug him and sleep .

                                                                                   The end     

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