Chapter 9

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You and Dean went to get some pie. You and Dean got your pie, you got pecan pie, so did Dean.
Dean: How's your pie?
You: It's yummy!
You ate your pie within seconds.
Dean: I guess you were hungry.
You: that was good pie.
Dean: You want another piece?
You: No thank you.
Dean then eats his pie, you both go throw out your garbage.
Dean: You ready to head home sweetie?
You: Yeah. *smiles*
Dean smiles at you. You grab his hand and he holds your hand.
You both head to the impala, Dean puts your new clothes into the backseat and you get into the impala.
Dean: Ready princess?
You: Yeah.*smiles*
Dean smiles, he then closes the car door and he goes to the driver's side.
Dean then drives away from the mall, you were looking out the window.
You: Thank you Dean.
Dean: For what?
You: For everything you've done for me.
Dean: It wasn't a problem y/n. *smiles*
You: Dean?
Dean: Yeah?
You: Can I call you daddy?
Dean was shocked, he didn't want you to forget about your biological father, but you were probably going to forget about them as you got older.
Dean: Y/n, you can call my daddy. But you have to promise to remember your actual parents.
You: Okay.
Dean smiles.

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