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It was a usual morning for Natalie and Derek. They had met earlier for a cup of coffee and they were walking together into their workplace. Natalie was pretty tired after being on called the previous night. She had only returned home to get a shower and wear fresh clothes. But she was still ready to get into surgeries. They kept her mind sharp and when she operated she could forget her heartache for few hours. 

"So apparently little Grey broke up with Liam because I found her naked in Alex's bed." Derek and Natalie were gossiping about their friends' latest drama. Derek was trying a lot to get anything from Natalie about the situation with Mark, but she wasn't speaking to him about it. She didn't feel comfortable to since him and Mark were best friends.

"Yeah, Liam was bitching to me about it last night. Apparently he wants more than just a girlfriend. I don't know what's happening to him. He was never like that." Natalie commented.

"What about you?" Derek took a shot.

"What about me?" Natalie repeated.

"How's your dating life going?" He asked further, but got worried when Natalie made a face.

"I have no dating life. So it's not going anywhere." Natalie sighed and took a sip from her coffee. It wasn't that she was really fond of dating again, but she also missed certain things. Things about Mark mostly, not relationships generally.

"If you want it to go somewhere, there is someone who's interested." Derek informed her and Natalie gave him a look. "Don't give me the 'I'm better on my own speech.' It's not going to work." He stopped her before she could argue with him.

"Well, how about 'I don't need you to set me up with anyone' speech?" Natalie said instead.

"I think he is a catch. You know Harry Adams from oncology? We're playing basketball together and he was asking about you." Derek informed her, ignoring her comment.

"I don't know who that is." Natalie said monotonously so he would stop talking about.

"What do you mean, you don't know him?" But he didn't stop. "He's one of the best oncology surgeons we have. He's really charming and single obviously."

"Maybe you should date him then." Natalie said annoyed.

"Good morning." A nurse passing by greeted the doctors and Natalie was glad that their conversation was finally over.

And then Derek and Natalie were met with a crowd formed around a supply closet door. "What's going on? Huh?" Derek asked getting on his chief mood. Everyone quickly left and Derek opened the door only to find Mark in a very compromising position with a drug rep. 

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