What will it take to make you happy?

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I heard the girls come In around 3am but, I'm gone let them sleep. We gone have a looong talk.

"August, I have to go to an interview. I'll be home a little late" Maya said

"Alright, be safe"

"Okay" she said pecking my lips grabbing her phone keys and bag

I walked her out and went and made breakfast for me and the youngins. After it was done I went upstairs and knocked at the Girls' door first

"AYE YOUNGINS!" I yelled

They both jumped up and I laughed

"Dad, Don't do that shit." Autumn said

"Autumn, stop all lat swearin' I ain't teach you to use them languages. People swear because they have limited amount of words in they vocabulary. And you smarter than any 14 year old I know, you just like yo mama so of course you got the knowledge of a 20 year old genius. So stop with the words, Now, I see April brought your little ass home!?"

"Wrong. She didn't bring me home. Well- She brought me home but I didn't come back because of her, I came back because Artavious was mad at me, he wanted me to stay, he didn't want me to even leave because he didn't want me running away. Anyways, I came back because he told me too. Okay?" She said getting up going to the bathroom

"What am I gone do wit you, Autumn???! Huh?!" I said trying to control myself

"What you talking about?" She asked coming back out

"April, go wake your brother and y'all go eat. We'll be down, later."

April nodded and left the room closing the door behind her, I grabbed Autumn and sat her on my leg

"Look babygirl, what would it take to make you happy?"

"For you to trust me." she said

"I do trust you, Autumn."

"Really?" She asked looking at me under eye

"Yes, BABYGIRL you my world. All I want is to protect you, I just want you to be happy. That's all."

"Dad, if you trust me you would know I wouldn't make the wrong decisions . Unlike you."

"Wait- what the fuck you just say?"


"All the shit I did was to take care of you. You, your sisters and your brothers. Don't come at me like that because you mad at me! All I ever do, is protect you."

"Maybe I DONT want to be PROTECTED!"

"Everyone wants protection, you got to be stupid if you don't"

"You calling me stupid?!"

"What- Autumn, no. Tell me what I can do to make you happy, I want my little girl back."

"Trust me, Trust Artavious. He would never hurt me."

I licked my lips and sighed, "Alright"

She looked at me, "Huh?"

"Alright you can talk to him. But, that don't mean I trust him because I don't. TJ or April has to be with you."

"You serious?"

"It's either that or nothing at all"


"Now, give me a hug and a kiss! Daddy missed your stubborn butt."

She smiled and kissed my forehead hugging me

I wiped her tears, "No more crying, No more tantrums, No more slamming doors, punching people, Cut all lat shit out"


"I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy"

"Now, Go downstairs and talk to your sister get this shit straight."

"She attacked him last night after I got off the phone with him."

I chuckled, "She did whet?"

"Dad, that ain't funny"

"What she do?"

"She punched and slapped him."


"Cause she's April."

I chuckled, "Gone downstairs, I'll talk to her"

"I need to talk to mama"

"She's gone to work"

She grabbed her phone out my pocket and I took it

"What you doin?"

"Calling uncle Travis."

"That better be who you calling. Call him."

She scoffed and dialed putting the phone to her ear


"Why'd you punch Artavious?"

"Cause I wanted to." She said folding my arms

"You can't just go around punching people for no reason April."

"Oh look whose talking, Princess Autumn! Saying the girl who punched me for no reason and then punched Zaddy in the face!"

"Nah, I had a reason."

"Look both of y'all just chill man, MJ run upstairs and get my belt." I said

"You gone whoop them?" He asked me


He ran upstairs

"Both of yall, straight this shit out. Now, April I'm allowing her to be with this boy but you have to be there whenever they met, if she goes off without you, you let me know" I said

"But- dad. She's not gone let us even be together"

"You got that right! Better not let me see them together, Look I was at a party, okay? And he took some girl up to a room, I was drunk but my vision wasn't all blurry and I'm positive it was Artavious"

"You was what?"

"I had a couple drinks"

"Oh you in trouble now!"

"DAMN RIGHT!" Maliyah said coming in the house satting the baby

"Give me that belt, MJ." Maliyah added

"Nah, now Maliyah don't" I said trying to stop her


"What I tell you about that? You smoking too?"

"I smoked one time, Li Li. Im sorry.."

"Nah hand me that damn belt" August said snatching me the belt and wrapping April on her leg with it


"You want to smoke and drink? What did I tell you about that??"

"Look, okay she had enough. Leave her alone." Autumn said stepping in front of August

"That's the Autumn, I know." august said handing me the belt

"I always been this Autumn! How many times I have to mention, I was spared by a bullet because my ex-boyfriend pulled me back, I was standing up for her, I'm always getting into trouble looking out for her and covering her steps. I was almost raped by Quentin, because I was protecting her, she couldn't even let me have a boyfriend without ruining it." Autumn said crying

I pulled her to me and she sobbed

"Hey, it's okay. it's okay." I said rubbing her back

"What you mean almost shot?"

"Hector and his boys was saying some things and I turned around to say some smart and he pulled a gun out on me and Artavious pulled me behind him getting in front of me. And than he rushed me to school."

"He did that?"

"Yes, not only for me but for you. See you always judging people from they past, but you never look at they recent" Autumn said

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