Born Immortal Afterword

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I just finished writing a novel.

That is an incredible thing to be able to say and I really, never, thought that those words would be coming from me. I wrote over 100,000 words! And it's finished!! Yay!

If it hadn't been for Wattpad, I would never have sat down and started writing this. So thank you to Ivan and Allen for creating this site. And an even bigger thanks to Eva Lau for being the Queen of Wattpad and keeping us all motivated and playing nice with each other.

I also want to send a special thanks out to CynthiaClampitt, Hrtsmom,fauxpunker, JoannaNestoridi, AnimusArgentis, and OliviaClayton for helping me to clean up my act and make my writing the best it can be. I really appreciated all your help and I have learned so much from all of your comments and critiques.

Finally, I couldn't have finished writing Born Immortal if it weren't for all of the readers who have followed along, enjoying my story and encouraging me to keep working on it. The comments you took the time to write were the oil that kept this machine running. Believe me, I would have rusted up and quit somewhere around Chapter 17 if it weren't for my readers. Thank you all so much.

I have one more very special thank you to send out. To my daughter, Lujain (LuluLoves2read) for being my biggest fan and for supporting me from the beginning to the very end.

So what's next? Good question. I have two things planned that are both following on from Born Immortal.

The first one is a prequel that features Grima and Arianna and if you were paying attention, you already know what it's going to be about.

The second project is a direct sequel to Born Immortal that continues the story of Astyr Tyr.

I don't know how long it will be before I'm able to get either of these up and running. The situation here in Bahrain is really unstable and I don't know for sure right now what's going on. I will try my best to keep writing and will definitely share what I can with all of you.

You guys have really changed my life and given me something to be proud of. I finished writing a novel and I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you.

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