The Power Of Love (Clint & Natasha/Avengers)

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The Power Of Love (Clint & Natasha)

"Where are the lovebirds?" Tony broke the silence.  
Bruce furrowed his eyebrows at him "Last i heard they were on a mission, came back this morning i think, why?" 
"Just wondering, and did you see what I did there?" 
"We'll like I said, coming back from a mission, and see what?" 
Tony straightened his posture "love birds." He explained, "Hawkeye; I was kinda proud." 

Steve rolled his eyes an Bruce scoffed at the joke.
"Not even fit for a cracker Tony." Steve broke to him and Tony fake pouted before taking another sip of beer, low that he'd run out of scotch - something he never thought to be possible given how much he usually had in stock. Not that he was an alcoholic, but it seemed impossible given the amount he had.
Thor crunched down a mouthful of cereal loudly, "What are lovebirds?" He asked with his mouth full.

They all looked at him, Steve gaped, Bruce sent his furrowed eyebrow look to him instead of Tony and Tony slapped his forehead with the heel of his hand.  
"Why?" Tony questioned rhetorically and dramatically, "why can you not know what it is?" 
Thor chomped down the rest of his current mouthful, "I'm not entirely aquainted with Midguards terms and customs." 
"Yes yes," Tony waved him off, "we know that, but something as simple as lovebirds can stump you? Even Steve knows what a lovebird is!"

"Apparently so." Thor smirked back, crunching down his last mouthful. Steve looked at Tony impendingly, ignoring his last comment and amused at the theory's he was creating at how Tony would explain this one to the almighty god of thunder, when the sound of a soft grand piano drifted into the room they were in.


Tony furrowed his eyebrows and turned around on his barstool towards the sound and Thor sat up in his seat. Steve stood up and started to walk towards the sound.

As they crept down the hallway towards the sound, the music became louder, leaking through the ajar door at the end of the hall.

"Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeee." a soft, beautiful, feminine voice sang. "mmmmmmhhhmhhhhhmmmmmm." she continued, a few soft plonks of the piano followed. The 4 Avengers quickly and gently crept up to look through the door, Tony the most eager to see what was happening. Then, peaking through the crack in the door they saw their absent comdrades whom they had been discussing not 10 seconds earlier.

Clint and Natasha, still in their black-clad mission uniforms, in a domestic habitat, hugging each other, and swaying to the music.

"Dreams are like angels,  
they keep bad at bay,"

"Tony, lets leave them alone." Steve whispered from behind, retreating from the door.  

"Not yet!" Tony whispered back.

"love is the light,
scaring darkness away,
I am so in love with you'

Clint and Natasha pulled out of their hug slightly, looking deep into each others eyes and loosening their grip on each other so Natasha could let her hands trace down Clints arm to hold his hand and him doing the same.

"Make love your goal."

Natasha's other hand rested on Clints shoulder and his on her hip.

"The power of love 
A force from above 
Cleaning my soul,"

At the beginning of the verse they started to dance to the song, the music enchanting, while looking into each others eyes and taking medium-sized steps to the sides, or to sway, turning in their own, disproproportionate 360 degree circle.

"Flame on burn desire 
Love with tongues of fire 
Purge the soul 
Make love your goal"

By now, they were using the space more, and taking steps forwards and backwards to dance accordingly. The song continued with more of the piano before continuing; their movements even more fluid and smooth.

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