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*4months later*

It's been four months since Ryan got stabbed but his doing okay.Matt survived the shot to the leg and his currently in Prison, he got charged as an adult due to his crimes,he was sentenced to life. Im now 6months pregnant and I'm on my way to my Doctors appointment with my mum and Ryan.

"You okay" Ryan said as he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.His been really sweet since I got kidnapped.He supported me through therapy.I got therapy because my mum thought It was necessary.

"I'm good" I said and gave him a smile. He put his hand on my stomach and smiled down at his baby,our baby.

My mum pulled into the hospital parking lot and helped me out.

I got into the hospital and waited to see my Doctor.

"Hello Doctor Shay" I heard my mom say as she shook his hand.We got up and walked to the examining room.

"Hi Miss. West how are you feeling today" Dr.Shay asked as he sat down in his spinny chair.

"I'm good but I've been having a lot of back pains" I said as I sat on the hospital bed.

"Well that's perfectly normal but due to your age the pains will be more chronic than in normal aged pregnant women" He said as he got up and started getting ready to examine my baby.

"So that means after I give birth I'll still have the back pains?" I asked.

"Yes Miss.West"

"Please lay down on your back" The doctor said as he put on gloves, "and lift up ur top so I could see your stomach" He said and he got out a tube of that cold gel thing they put on pregnant women.

He put the gel on me and started observing the baby through the screen.

"Your baby's perfectly fine and healthy" He said

I stared at the screen along with Ryan and I just admired that baby,my baby, who will be in my arms in the next 3 months,hopefully.

I cleaned the gel off my stomach with the help of my mum when the doctor was done.He gave me the normal Advice like:

•Don't run about.

•No drinking or smoking.

•Do not fall down.


I got home and went on to watching tv and eating.Thats the usual for me since I don't go to school anymore.Ryans been staying over a lot and helping my mum out since I couldn't do much around the house.

I switched to the local news and just read through the headlines.

The worlds largest peach pie was baked yesterday
Matthew Norman escaped from juvenile yesterday

Blah blah blah...Wait what!

Matt escaped from juvenile yesterday. Why didnt the police call.

I got up and went into my mums home office.

"Mum" I said as I walked in and she looked.

"Matt escaped from juvenile" I said and she got up and hugged me trying to comfort me.

"Its going to be okay brook, i'll make sure to lock all the doors tonight and i'll call the police department" She said as she kissed my forehead and brushed my hair out of my face.

"Go to bed, I dont want you to get stressed" She said as she guided me to my room to tuck me in.Your never too old to be tucked in.


I woke up to the sound of high pitched scream which was followed by crying and begging. I woke up terrified that maybe Matt had managed to get in without being seen by the police.

I walked out of my room into the dark hallway.I turned towards my mums room to see the door open and the light on and my heart started beating fast.

I took baby steps towards her room then I heard another high pitched scream and everything went silent.I stopped by the door next to my mums room and after about 5 seconds I controlled my breathing and walked into her room.

I looked at my mums bed and she was there and standing above her was matt dressed in all black with a blood covered knife in his hand.

"If I cant have you no one else can so theres only one way to make that happen" Matt said still looking down at my mum then he snapped his head towards me and he had a creepy smile on his face.

At that moment there was only one word running through my head.


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