Chapter 7

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You, Sam and Dean were inside the bunker. You were sitting on Dean's lap.
Dean: You comfy baby girl?
You: Yeah.
Sam laughs.
Sam: I see that you have a little fan now Dean.
You giggle.
Dean: Let's go get you some new clothes.
You: Okay.
You jump out of Dean's lap and you toward the door.
Dean: Alright, Sam we'll be back later.
Sam: Have fun.
Dean then holds your hand and you both walk out of the bunker.

You and Dean head to the impala. You get in the passenger seat.
Dean: Backseat young lady.
You: I don't want to be in the backseat though.
Dean: You're too small to be in the front y/n. It's a safety concern.
You: Okay Dean.
You then crawl into the backseat and you buckle yourself in.
Dean: Ready?
You: Ready. *smiles*

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