part 10

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" hey " daniel said plopping on the couch next to me .
" hey " i said laughing .
" got any plans today ?" he said
" actually i gotta go run some aryins in a bit , why ? " i asked
" no reason , i actually just might go to the studio ." he said getting up .
" oh okay , ill see you later tonight then ?" i said leaning over the couch .
" yea" he said laughing looking at how my body was positioned .

i got back late , like at 10:00 pm . i walked in the house to find all the lights off . i turned on a light in the hall and heard a girls laughter . as i walked towards the hallway , a very thin blonde almost barbie like girl walk out of his room with a mini skirt and a tank top that was wrinkled like it was just thrown on. i stopped in my tracks and so did he . me and her just looking at eachother, when i saw daniel shirtless and messy hair walking out of the bedroom. he saw me and stopped jaw dropped .
" i - uh " he started to speak
" no , no im sorry - uh go back to-" i said walking fast out the door .
" heather !" he yelled
i couldnt stop my tears as i ran towards my car . i dont know what i was thinking . why was i crying , he didnt say he liked me . he used me for that kiss . i was a rebound . i took care of him . why am i feeling this . tomorrow will be so awkward . my mind was running wild followed with tears . i ended up driving and driving and just spent money on a motel for the night .

i pulled up to the house about 10 am
i walked in to the house quietly just wanting to get in to my room without having to talk to him . i was stopped by him walking out of the hall .
" where did you go ?" he said quietly looking down .
" i - uh thought you would want the house to yourself , so i spent the night with a friend .
" you didnt have to go , she was ju-" i stopped him .
" its fine " i said not making eye contact . i walked trying to keep tears within my eyes . i can play this game too .

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