Tug of War (Pt. 1)

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Sae-byeok POV
  I saw a huge slice mark on the side of Y/n's arm. And I was mad, I wanted to know who did that to her.

After her pat-down the red-pink colored guards came out and told us the next game, and it was Tug of War?

'Tug of War?' I thought remembering all the times I used to play Tug of War as a kid. I was deep down into my thoughts until Y/n tapped on my shoulder.

I flinched a bit, and feeling my cheeks get a bit hotter, "Are you ok Sae-byeok?" She asked worriedly. I nodded my head in agreement while being embarrassed.

The guards took us to a white room with nothing in it. They told us we need 10 people for the Tug of War. We already have some people in our group.

Sang-woo, Gi-hun, Ali, Y/n, II-nam, and me. So that meant we needed 4 more people.

I was sent off to find another person when I spotted a girl on top of the white stairs, 'Weird' I thought but then I thought she might be useful for this game.

Once everyone came back to the circle we only had 9 people and we realized II-nam didn't bring anyone back, but that's when loud-ass lady came over and came a part of our team.

I didn't want her on our team but we have no other choice...

Omg TYSM for 9k reads also so sorry for the slow updates and stuff but I also just finished watching sweet home so I might make a cha hyun soo x fem reader fanfic but idk

but TYSM for everything guys!! Also ik this isn't what happens in the tug of war video I'm just changing things up a bit

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