Chapter 15: Detention

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Chapter 15: Detention

Chapter 15:




Elena's POV:



It's been a couple of weeks now, since my little epiphany about Cole. And I'm pretty sure he knows something's up, but I'm scared he won't feel the same way. I mean it's just not common, for people to fall in love this quickly. I have been getting more and more messages from the creep-o secret admirer. But I just delete them. They haven't been threatening, so I see no problem with it, although, you'd think he's get the hint.

Cole and I have been very careful, about our relationship, and we only ever really get to talk is after school on the phone usually, and on the weekends when I can actually see him. I have even been deleting all my messages from him as soon as I read them so no one gets even the slightest hint. Especially since I have my suspicions that the S.A.(secret admirer) might know something's up, considering he asked me to brake up with him. Although I don't think he knows exactly who he is, otherwise he would have mentioned him in other texts.


Cole had to explain to his mom, about the whole fire incident, much to my displeasure. She was cool about it though, and said she'd lay off somewhat on the sex questions and tips. What a relief! I was so embarrassed! Seriously, why does that stuff happen to me?!


Last week I took out my phone in Cole's class and had Kat called me, playing the spice girls song...ahhhh sweet revenge, whoever said that revenge is empty was on crack. I was laughing at him when his face got all hot. Of course he gave me detention, but I couldn't serve it until today due to my busy schedule. Ya, right...I was just procrastinating. He caught on though so here I am, sitting at my desk after school with Cole, smirking like the hot idiot he is and arms crossed at his desk. I glared at him,


"I can't believe you actually gave me detention!" I pouted. I know childish, but I was mad...this will go on my school record!


"Aww, what's a matter? You don't like spending time with me?" He stuck his bottom lip out...damn him! I look away, so I could avoid his cute but evil face. Suddenly, his hand reaches, under my chin, and raises my head to meet his eyes.

"Don't forget your homework..." He whispered, looking at my lips, then back at me. I swallowed loudly, and shake my head to clear it,


" don't get to be cute! I'm mad at you." I looked away, but trying very hard not to smile. Damn that boy! He ducked so I could see his face and gave me a small smile, that he knows I love,


"C'mon, Elli, I know you want to say, 'Have a good day...'." Grrr, my will is very quickly dissipating! Why couldn't I fall in love with someone who isn't hell bent on making me squirm?! I slowly look back at him, sighed and rolled my eyes with a huff,

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