Jared Padalecki

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You had known Jared for a long time even before he got  famous and during that time you had began to feel some wierd feelings . More than just friends feeling but you where always so shy and unsure that he would feel the same so you just brushed it away with you're mind. Until one day when he showed up at you're door step with tears in his eyes. 

You began to worry about what had happend and you let him in and he had told you that he had just found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him with a guy from her work . You got scertetly angery at her beacuse she did'nt realise what she had. Beacuse Jared was  kind, he listend and had all the good qalitiues that boyfriends should have. '

After a while of hugging and talking you said " You know what let us do something fun, like go to the mall and just have fun instead of being inside all the time". He agreed and went along with the idea.

So you both went to the mall and then goofed around for a while , bought some food and stuff then you two decided to go to watch a movie . You both picked out a scary movie . ( you're own choise of fav scary movie) It was a classic and you both loved it . Inn the end of the movie he walked you home and before you went inside he stopped you and said " __, I know after all of thise years of we being friends I have had thise new feelings that I haven't really felt with anyone else than I have felt with you. I think I love you.. so what I am asking is that would you become my girlfriend?" 

You where so speechless but you nodded you're head. He smiled and leaned in and kisses you on the lips. 

                                                                                                       You decide the rest 

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