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Third Person Omniscient POV
When Harley woke up, he thought he was still asleep. He felt to warm and comfortable that he never wanted to get up. For the first time in a long time, the boy felt perfectly content and relaxed. His stomach was was not hurting like it often was in the morning. He was completely rested and ready for breakfast.

Harley sat up and lazily gazed around the room. He was a bit stunned to see some clothes set on the chair across from the bed. Curious, he got up and checked to see what the clothes were.
It was a comfortable if slightly large T-shirt, a pair of faded jeans, a pair of socks, and a sweatshirt that said "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come". Harley chuckled when he read that. Maybe Hadrian would let him keep this one.

Speaking of Hadrian, he frowned when he found himself forming a small soft spot for the man. No, he can't do that. He can't get attached. It's not like he'll see the man again after today.

When Harley finally went downstairs to the kitchen/living room area, it was a little past noon. (Hadrian had decided to let the kid sleep as long as he wanted. He knew Harley was tired and thought the poor thing needed rest as much as he could.)
In the kitchen, he found a note that Hadrian left for him.

Dear Harley,
Hey mate! I hope you slept well last night. I didn't want to wake you up to tell you so I just left this note. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen! If your not hungry, that's fine. Just be sure to eat if your hungry. If you want to relax, you know where the living room is.
Harley rolled his eyes  and gave a small smile.
The TV remote is in the table and there are some blankets in the tablet next to the TV if you get cold. Or you could go back to sleep if you like.
Harley chuckled at the last sentence.

If you want to be around people, the cafe is on the bottom floor and the library is on the second floor. It gets busy around lunch but you could stay behind the counter with me if you like or you can stay at a booth. Peter is at school and my godson is with me. There's some pastries served in the cafe as well as a variety of drinks. Like teas, coffees, and smoothies.

If you want to leave then all I ask is a that you check in and come to me whenever you want something. Nothing is too little.
You want food? You got it. You want a place to sleep? There's a bed ready for you. Shower? Absolutely. Some one to talk to? I'm here. I know we've talked about this but still. If you do decide to leave soon, there's a bag of clothes for you by the door. Grab another bag and stuff it with some food before you go too.
Harley smiled but quickly stopped and rubbed his eyes with his sleeves. It had been a long time since someone had been this kind to him.

Anyway, whatever you choose, don't forget to say goodbye!
- Ry

Harley decided to go downstairs and spend some time with Ry. And maybe he was curious about the baby.

He walked down to the cafe part as quietly yet quickly as he could. He didn't want to second guess his choice but his stomach urged him as well.
The closer he got to the first floor, the stronger the smell of coffee and pastries got.

When he finally got there, he peaked around the door. Hadrian had his back turned away from Harley and was holding something on his hip. The black haired man was talking on the phone and was writing down something on a notepad. The cafe was a little busy but everyone was seated and eating or drinking.
Hadrian had hung up and turned over to face Harley. The thing in his hip was a baby. An adorable, chubby baby. Who was currently chewing on his fingers. The cafe owner grinned widely at the run away boy.

"Harley! Good to see you looking so well rested." Hadrian said as he walked toward Harley. Gently, and slightly slowly, he wrapped an arm around Harley's shoulders. He did it slow enough for the child to step away if he wanted to. Harley, to his shock, did not move away. In fact, though he would deny it vehemently, Harley leaned towards the gentle touch. If Hadrian noticed, he didn't say anything. He lead Harley over to behind counter and pulled out one of the chairs he kept behind the counter and motioned for Harley to sit down.

Harley did so and looked at the baby curiously. He was slightly surprised to see the baby return his curious gaze. Hadrian chuckled.
"Harley, meet Teddy. Teddy, meet Harley." Teddy laughed happily and looked excitedly at Harley. Harley laughed a little and grinned at the baby.
"Nice to meet you Teddy."
The baby metamorphmagus squealed  and leaned toward the boy with his arms out. Harley looked to Hadrian for permission and received a smile and a nod. The young wizard placed his baby in Harley's lap. Teddy reached up and bopped Harley on the nose. Playing along, Harley widened his eyes dramatically and went crossed eyed. The werewolf's son jerked back, surprised, before laughing. Hadrian laughed and Harley grinned proudly.

"So, Harley, what do you want to eat? I recommend treacle tart."

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