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It had been a day since the shower incident, but Onew still wasn't over seeing Key and Jonghyun showering together.

It's not that he found it wrong or anything, of course he was okay with it. He just thought it sort of disturbing how his best friends were... doing those kinds of things with each other.

It was only a few months ago that they were best friends, simply joking around about loving each other in that way, but he never thought it would turn into a reality.

He'd seen them naked before (though purely by accident), so that was nothing new to him, but something about them being naked together, got to him?

It wasn't because because he was homophobic - he already established that he was not - but something about them finding love - and not just with each other - made him feel a certain emotion...

He was jealous.

He wanted to find someone. Someone who could hold him whenever he was down, someone to care for and someone who cared for him; someone who isn't afraid to show their love.

He wasn't jealous - no. He was envious of what they had.

But as oblivious as he was, Onew never realised that the person he was yearning for had been there all along.

He just needed to realise it before it was too late.


"Yah! We're here!" Key called out in English as he opened the unlocked front door to the apartment. "Are you home?" He took off his shoes - Jonghyun quickly unlacing his own - and placed them neatly by the multiple pairs of high heels that lines the wall of the apartment.

"Key!" A tall woman came into view, wearing a bright pink apron and fluffy slippers, smiling broadly. "I was wondering when you would show up! You didn't turn up last night, and it's almost 7PM." She waved a knife at him, but seeing Jonghyun shocked expression, she quickly hid it behind her back and grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I'm cooking dinner. I made enough for you two as well, just in case." Key thanked her and dragged Jonghyun into the kitchen after he dropped their suitcases in the hallway.

"Does he speak much English?" Key's cousin asked, returning to the frying pan where Jonghyun could smell sausages. "Or am I going to have to use you as a translator," she joked, glancing towards Key as the two boys took a seat at the counter.

"A little," Jonghyun said nervously back in a thick accent, understanding most of what she was saying. "Key teaches me." Key nodded proudly at that, grabbing his hand.

"Well, it's nice to finally meet you anyway," she said. "My name is Ji-Hyun, but you can call me Ji."

"Annyeonghaseyo!" Jonghyun said, grinning, finally able to join in with the conversation. He coughed, apologising as he said: "Sorry, I mean hi."

"I speak fluent Korean, having lived there for many years. I only decided to move here because I was promoted," she replied in Korean, and Jonghyun nodded, glad that he wouldn't have to struggle to talk to her anymore.

The three of them had a comfortable conversation until the food was ready; although Jonghyun didn't speak much, he simply enjoyed the company, and found the stories of Key's childhood hilarious.

"Dinner is ready!" Ji announced, serving up plates of mashed potatoes and sausages. "Here you go," she said, passing over plates for them to put on the table. Key and Jonghyun proceeded to lay the table with knives and forks, thanking her for the food as they all sat down at the counter.

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