Chapter 5

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Dean woke up and he saw you were still sleeping. He went to grab some clothes to put on and then he walked into the bathroom. Dean took a shower, he got dressed and he came out and he saw that you were still sleeping.
Sam: We better get her up Dean.
Dean smiled at you. You looked so peaceful. You looked like a little angel while you slept. Dean then goes to wake you up.
Dean: y/n. Time to get up sweetie.
You open your eyes and you see dean's eyes.
You: Where are we going?
Dean: We're leaving Ohio, we're heading to Kansas.
You: Oh.
Dean: It's going to be okay. *smiles*
You smile at Dean.
You then got out of bed and you went to take a bath. You wore our clothes you wore when you got kidnapped.
You then walk out of the bathroom.
Dean: We're going to get you some new clothes missy.
You look down at your clothes. They were covered in dirt, blood and there were holes.
You: Okay. *smiles*

Dean then smiles at you and he hugs you tight.
You: Thank you.
Dean: You're welcome sweetie.
Dean kisses your cheek.

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