Chapter 12

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L: How'd ya like that cliff hanger? I know, I'm a bad person. You'll hate me even more at the beginning of this chapter.
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*Lance's POV*

The warmth he'd been radiating was gone in an instant; the sound of the porch's screen door slamming causing me to jump.

He.. Left.

My heart sinks immediately and I blink back tears.

Ash and Oliver are at my side in seconds, comforting me. My bottom lip quivers. I don't want them to see me cry...

I stand up with help from Ollie and Ash and they walk me up the stairs, each keeping an arm on my back or elbow. Oliver leads me into our room and sits me down on one of the narrow single beds. Ash trots back downstairs to tell the guys I'll be alright.

"Are you okay honey?" Oliver asks, rubbing my back.

I nod weakly, afraid if i opened my mouth, I'd start to cry...

(Switching perspectives real quick)
*Spencer's POV*

The squeak of my bare feet on the sand was enough to help me clear my mind. I pace down the length of the shore, my feet just barely out of the way of the crashing waves.

Why did I storm off? I'm not really sure. Was I scared? As hell.

I didn't mean to just up and leave. I'm sure I'm making a much bigger deal of this than I should. It was just a stupid kiss right? For laughs? So I can just turn back and-

No. No I can't. It wouldn't have been just a kiss. Not because he was a guy. That has nothing to do with it. It's just... him. If it were anyone else, I could've mustered through it. I could've kissed him or her and laughed with the rest of them. But it wasn't someone else. It was him. And he... isn't like anyone else. He doesn't make me feel like anyone else.

Whenever I'm around him, I can't breathe. My heart races and my pulse pounds in my ears and my face flares up with the reddest of blushes. And... And... And I don't know why. I don't know how to deal with it. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Should I have kissed him? ... What would've happened if I had?

I stop and look out to the ocean. It's depths were inconceivable. It's beauty was phenomenal.

What would've happened?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing would've happened.

I'm such an idiot.

*Lance's POV*

After a while I had been coaxed out of my room, having been bribed with ice cream.

Nick and Brad were surprisingly understanding. They slapped me on the back and gave sympathetic smiles. Nick sat on my left, patting my knee comfortingly while Oliver sat on my right, leaning his head on my shoulder. I appreciate their concern and try at a smile.

Ash returns from the kitchen with Brad whom places a chilling bowl of cookies and cream ice cream in my lap. He bows formally and smiles.

Oliver apologizes for the hundredth time about trying to make us do that. I wave him off and smile weakly.

"I'll be okay you guys, really."

I must not sound too convincing because their faces fell immediately.

We sit in silence as I lick the bowl clean (not literally you pigs). I stand to carry my bowl to the kitchen and wash my hands. I hear the sliding door to he porch slide open and an array of gasps erupt in the living room. I shut off the water in the kitchen and walk back to where they are, as confused as ever.

When I step into the living room, my confusion fades away. Spencer stands in the middle of the room, asking Nick where I was. My cheeks alight red as strawberries and I swallow hard. He glances up and when he sees me, he takes a step forward. I almost immediately flinch and take a step back.

He rolls his eyes and grabs my wrist, pulling me close against him.

"Spencer what are you-!"

He takes my face in his hands and his lips crash against mine. He holds me there for what feels like forever and I fumble for my thoughts before finally kissing him back.

The knot in my stomach melts away. My heart is racing for a different reason. I think I'm in love...

He pulls back, his eyes closed, and his hands still cupping my face. His forehead rests against mine and his breath is warm and sweet as it mingles with my own.

In the deafening silence that follows, he whispers, "Definitely not nothing.."

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