Part 30 ; War

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Jimin's phone rang 5 times. Jungkook smirked when he saw Y/n's name displayed on Jimin's phone screen. "What is your real relationship with Y/n?" Jungkook asked while pointing his gun at Jimin's head which was covered in a little blood on his face as a result of being beaten by Jungkook.

"Why? still trying to win Y/n's heart? Please realize, She didn't love you anymore but her feelings for you are full of resentment and hatred after what you did a year ago. " Jimin said with a wicked laugh looking at Jungkook's face.

"You want me to kill you?" Jungkook said in a tone that was threatening him but Jimin still bravely looked at the cruel face without having any fear of death that might be given by Jungkook. Jimin spat the blood from his mouth onto the plush floor. "What? Do you think I'm scared of death now? " What Jimin says makes Jungkook even more challenged.

"Even u killed me, you will not be able to have Y/n. You won't get anything. " Jimin said with a wicked laugh looking at Jungkook's face. Jungkook kicked Jimin's chest hard until Jimin lay on the floor and coughed up blood. Jungkook adjusted his expensive suit and turned his back from looking at Jimin's face.

"Take him out and let him go. Keep him out of my sight before I kill him "Jungkook said full of anger and broke all the expensive decorative furniture to vent the anger that was in him now.


Jimin laughed wickedly as he held back his pain after being beaten by Jungkook. "I will not let you go even if you are already a corpse. I will kill you with my own hands. Do you remember that I will remain silent after what you have done to me now?"

Jimin said as he spoke to himself and healed the wound on his lips. Jimin did his best to hold back his revenge against Jungkook and picked up his smartphone. 45 times Y/n made a phone call against him and immediately called Y/n back, he knew that Y/n was worried about him now. "Yoboseyo, Y/n?"

"Jiminah, where did you go? why didn't you pick up my call? Are you in trouble now?" Y/n's questions on the call made Jimin smile. "Y/n, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm sorry for not answering your call earlier, I fell asleep in the office because there was an important meeting and my schedule was full until I had no time to rest even for a moment." Jimin said to Y/n.

"Are you sure? nothing was happening to you? Please don't make me worry about you again"Y/n said in a worried tone. There was a moment of silence, Jimin tried to start their conversation again so as not to feel awkward again. "Y/n, can I ask you a question? I want you to be honest with me."

"Did you love me like before? That's why you're worried about me, am I right princess?" Jimin's question silenced Y/n for a long time. "Jiminah, I'm worried about you as a best friend and nothing more than that" Jimin was shattered when he heard the answer from Y/n. "So all this time .. you-"

"Yeah, I just consider you as a good friend and not as a special person in my heart. Our love story already end long time ago, Jimin. I hope you can move on from all this and I don't understand why you suddenly reappear in my life after you let me go like trash first. "

Jimin was silent for a long time after hearing the words from Y/n. The shattered feeling only he knew now and did his best to hold back the pain so as not to look weak towards the person he had loved so much from long ago. "But .. Why did you give me hope to love you again? I remind you to have the same feelings as I do now. Why give me a fake hope, Y/n? "

"I've done what I can to return your love for me like before again but all of this doesn't work for you even a bit?" Jimin said in a very disappointed tone, he never feel this disappointed all this time. "You broke my heart, Y/n"

Smiling in pain on his face before ending their voice call without waiting for an answer from Y/n. After Jimin quickly ended their voice call, his smartphone was thrown on the floor until it shattered, the pain that he feel now not comparable the injury on his body. Why did you give me hope all this time, Y/n?

I fought everything to get your love back but is this your answer to me? But you only consider me a friend? No matter how cruel I am until I can kill a lot of people but when about romance I become a weak man, Y/n. I can be uncertain of direction now because of you.


"Jiminah-" Before I could speak, Jimin had finished our voice call. I tried to call Jimin again but he didn't pick my call. Slowly I land sitting on the couch and trying to feel calm after arguing with Jimin on outcall just now.

I just don't want his life ruined because of me anymore, I don't want him to be the adoptive father to Jungkook's son. His relationship with Jungkook is not good now, I was willing to hurt his heart than see him suffer because of me. I don't want Jimin's life to be ruined because of me. I try to hold back tears and guilt towards Jimin now, my feelings are starting to mix.

I'm sorry, Jimin. I didn't mean it to hurting your feelings now. I know you love me so much but I can no longer bear to see you suffer because of me. You're a good guy and I don't deserve to be with a guy like you. I'm sorry, Jiminah ~. I covered my face with both of my hand while crying as much as I can.

I know you are broke because of what I said to you just now but I had to and I didn't willing from seeing you continue to suffer because of me. "I'm sorry and I really mean it, Jimin~"


"CEO Kim, We have put illegal funds and data into all Jeon's Group Company systems and JM's Group without leaving a bit evidence. So doesn't have to worry about anything now, CEO Kim " Said the person hired by Teahyung while bowinghis head as a sign of respect for Teahyung.

"Good work. I really want to see their company destroyed with my own eyes, it's must be so complicated for them later." Taehyung said before turning his office chair to look at his servant's face.

"I want you to prepare a meeting of the shareholders both of companies without their knowledge soon. I want all those shareholders to pull all of their investments towards Jeon's Group company and JM's Group. And that time, both of them no longer had the power to attack me back." Teahyung said to his servant.

"I want you to do all this work carefully without leaving any trace or evidence. Otherwise, all our plans will be ruined in the blink of an eye. Got it? " Teahyung said while advising his servants. "I pay you a very high value to do all this work carefully."

"Sure. We will do our best and will never ever disappoint you, CEO Kim." Teahyung's servant said and bowed his head again. Teahyung's gaze became sharper and the ripples on his face began to look fierce.

"I will not stop once in a while as long as they are not destroyed from this world" Teahyung said with a full sense of revenge against them. "I will destroy both of your lives as you both destroyed Y/n's life before" Said Teahyung again with his anger.

"I really love you more than everything! But why you never understand me, Y/n?! It really hurt me, so much"

To Be Continued...

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