compliments and blush

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Prompt- Devon complimenting Jake non-stop and Jake struggling to find a reply.
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Jake never knew how to respond to compliments. He would usually just blush and smile.

However he was 100% worse at responding when the compliments came from his boyfriend. Devon knew how flustered Jake would get at his compliments so he would do it often.

"You're so cute baby", he said whilst Jake was laying in his lap. Jake just looked up at Devon and blushed bright red. Devon giggled at the response and leaned down to gently kiss him. "Love you", Jake mumbled with a soft smile. "Love you too silly", Devon laughed.

Another time the boys were working on sculptures for class, Devon was admiring how good Jake's sculpture was and said something about it. "wow Jake that's so good, I'm so lucky to have such a talented boyfriend". "Thanks", Jake blushed unsure of how to reply. Devon looked at the ground and smirked because he loved making Jake flustered.

"You do it on purpose, dont you?", Jake randomly asked one day. "Do what?", Devon responded confused. "The whole compliment thing". "Oh yeah of course I do it on purpose, you're reactions are adorable". "No they arent. I-", Jake starts sort of wondering of into space at the end. "Jake you're literally perfect I dont get how you dont see it, everything you do just makes me so happy", Devon smiled.

"You know that you're also perfect Devon, you're smart with words, organized in everything you do, funny, caring and you always make me blush because I truly just love you", Jake explains.

It was Devons turn to be shy now. He just looked at his boyfriend and blushed really hard. He had no idea how to form the words to express how much Jake made him happy.

Jake noticed how flustered Devon had become and pulled him close so he was able to hold his boyfriend. "I love you so very much Jake", Devon whispered. Jake didnt have to reply for Devon to know he loved him too.

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