Remembering Sunday (36,37)

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“Hey, get away from her,” I heard an unfamiliar voice say. Sean yanked me to my feet and pinned me to the car again.

“This isn’t finished,” and then he was gone. Another person ran over.

“Are you okay?” she said. “I’m going to call the police.” I just nodded trying to get my nerves together to answer questions. Ten minutes later Dane drove up and jumped out of his car. In seconds he had his arms around me and I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out in tears. I hadn’t felt like crying before he arrived, but suddenly the dam broke.

“What the hell happened?” he asked in a rough voice that I could tell wasn’t directed at me.

“Some guy attacked her at her car.” the woman named Sakina said she was about a half foot taller then I was and her skin was a shade darker. She wore thick rimmed glasses with rectangular lenses that sat perched on her nose. She’d been the one who came over to help and chased him off.

“It was Sean,” I said looking up at Dane.

“I called the police the moment he ran off,” she said.

“Are you okay?” He asked touching my cheek.

“I’m fine, let’s just go home,” just then Ramsey joined us.

“Are you okay?” he asked I saw the way he was looking at me and I had a feeling that the one smack from Sean had left a bruise.

“I’m fine really. I’ll follow you guys home,” I said trying to pull out of Dane’s arms. He wouldn’t let me budge instead and took my keys from my hand and handed them to Ramsey.

“We’ll meet you back at the house,” Dane said.

“I can drive myself,” I tried to argue.

“I know,” Ramsey said, but didn’t offer me my keys back. “Do you need a ride?” he asked Sakina. She looked from him to me and then smiled.

“I live pretty far away from this area,” I rolled my eyes realizing when I was in a losing battle.

“Fine Ramsey, take her home and I’ll ride with Dane. Everyone is happy,” I didn’t mention that if she was so far away from him how the hell did she get here or that I’d seen her going to a car before she came to help me. Instead I just let Dane pull me off toward his car.

Chapter 37

“What the hell was he thinking?” My father yelled as he surveyed the bruise that was getting darker by the moment.

“Daddy it’s not that bad…” I said trying to get him to calm down; instead he just kept right on.

“And where the hell was Sienna at? She shouldn’t have left you…”

“You can’t blame her for this, we didn’t know…”

“I’m going to kill that…”

“DAD!!!!!!!” I yelled finally getting his attention. “Stop it. You act like I’ve never been hit before. I’m fine and the cops are tracking him down as we speak. So you need to calm down and don’t you dare say anything like what you just did to Sienna. I’m sure she’s going to feel plenty of guilt when she finds out it happened and you won’t be helping when you say something as stupid as what you just did.” I watched as he took a deep breath obviously calming himself down.

“I don’t care what you just said Eve just because you got used to being hit doesn’t mean it should happen.” He kissed my cheek. “I promise not to make your sister feel bad, I know neither of you knew there could be any problems. I’m going to go make a few phone calls.” Then he just left Dane and I standing in the library where we’d found him when we got home. I wanted to follow and ask my own question, to make sure that he really had a good reason for firing Sean and that he hadn’t done it because of me, but I was exhausted.

“This is a mess,” I said to no one in particular, but since Dane was the only one there he answered.

“Don’t worry about it. How about we go take a nap and…” he was cut off by the phone ringing. I walked across the room and picked up the receiver.

“Hello?” I said.

“Is this Eve Woods?” the male voice asked.

“Whose calling?” I asked.

“This is Officer Samuel Patton,” he said in an official sounding voice.

“Hello, this is Eve. How can I help you?”

“Miss Woods, we have checked Mr. Brockington’s address and there seems to be no one living there. No one has lived there for a few weeks is there any other place he would go?” I sat there stunned. If there was anything that Sean loved it was his condo. He’d worked hard to buy it. “The land lord…”

“Wait he owned that place,” I interrupted him.

“No it was a rental property,” I sat down in the chair closest to me. “The land lord said that he was evicted not long ago. After talking to his employer, we also learned that he no longer works for his former employer. We think it would be in your best interest to keep an eye out and be on high alert, this man seems to be blowing in the wind and we haven’t got a handle on him.”

“Not a problem,” I said.

“We are going to send over a few cars…”

“Would who my father is have anything to do with this?” I asked rather bluntly.

“Your father is a very well respected man and he’s gone to bat for more than one of us before, so yes this has a lot to do with who your father is, but mostly we don’t like to see crazies attacking people in broad daylight and then getting away with it.” I smiled liking this cop.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, you just watch your back.” With that he hung up and so did I. I sat in the chair for a moment trying to decide what I should do next. I knew I had to keep my family safe and the way that Sean looked in the parking lot there was no telling what he would do next.

“Maybe you should go lay down or…” Dane started.

“Taking a nap does not fix everything Dane.” I interrupted.

“I just…When you get all quiet like that, it worries me,” he explained. I smiled.

“I’m not going to do anything stupid and I’m not going to cancel the wedding. You’re stuck with me Mr. Sloan.”

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