New School

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It's your first day at your new school after your family had to move to a new town because of your parent's job promotion.

You kind of liked it in the new town it was fresh start.

The first bell rings and there are people everywhere but somehow you manage to push through and end up outside of your first class. You take a deep breath in and fix your hair

 "Try not to mess this up, this is a new school and I have to fit in here" you mumble to yourself.

"Ahhhhh you must be (y/n)" the teacher says as you as you shyly make an entrance. The teacher is old and quite tall, her glasses where resting on the edge of her nose. Her voice had a sort of comforting feel about it; it made you feel warm and loved straight away.

"Yes I am" you say as you find yourself taking a few steps toward her.

"Welcome to art class (y/n) let's see if we can find you a seat shall we, I am Mrs. Coleman by the way" she said whilst hunting for a spare seat.

You have always loved art it was one of the only things you were actually good at. You began to scan the room full of students there are a few kids in the corner throwing paper planes at another group wearing glasses and reading books, another group of about 5 girls laughing hysterically and that seem to be talking about you.  Sitting in front of them were 3 more girls with bright smiles and gleaming eyes that were fixed on you. Before you could look anywhere else one of the girls got up from her seat and walked up to you.

"Hi I'm (f/n) and these are my friends (other friend) and (other friend). So you must be new here"

"Yeah I am I only got here a few days ago."

"Nice, so do you want to sit with us at lunch today?"  she replied

"I'd love to thank you!" you say in the friendliest way you could

You hear the other laughing even louder this time. You look at them with worried eyes.

"Ignore them there just trying to make you feel uncomfortable trust me they did it to me on my first day as well." Your new friend explained

"Here you go (y/n) you can sit next to (c/n) for this lesson" You Mrs Coleman say from the other side of the room

You look to where the teacher was standing and sitting next to her was possibly the most amazing boy you think you have ever seen. He had long dark helmet hair and his eyes were sparkling between the strokes of hair that fell on his face. He smiled at you and pats the seat next to him inviting you to sit down next to him.

"Ok thanks" you reply

"You think he is cute huh" (f/n) questions, "Well I think he likes you too"

"Really? How can you tell?" you reply confused

"He hasn't smiled like that since his last girlfriend in freshman year" (f/n) replied with a smile

"What happened to her?" you ask curiously

"She cheated on him, he was heartbroken. He hasn't been able to trust any girl since, looks like he is a very good judge of character because I trust you too."

"Thank you that's really nice of you and thanks for the pep talk I appreciate it!" you say as you start to walk toward your seat

(f/n) smiles and says "see you at lunch"

You arrive at your seat and put your books on the table. (c/n) stands up and says;

 "Hi I'm (c/n) and you're (y/n) right?"

"Hi yeah I am, thanks for letting me sit here" you reply

"No problem" he says as you are opening your sketch book

You flick through your sketch book trying to find a clear page. (c/n) sees all of your sketches.

"Whoa! Your sketches are crazy where did you learn to draw like that?" he comments

You let out a little giggle and say "Thank you I've always love to draw I guess I just draw so much I get better every time."

The whole lesson is spent talking about likes and dislikes you find that the pair of you have a lot in common.

As everyone starts to pack up their books (c/n) turns to you and says "I look forward to seeing you round more often."

You both smile and stare into each other's eyes until you finally push yourself to say "me too."

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