Suzume's POV

   The battles went by, one by one, and the strong competitors began to emerge. There was an interesting battle with one lazy-looking guy who took down a girl by using a shadow to back her into a wall, leaving her unconsious.

   There was also a battle with naruto vs. some guy with a dog. The two of them didn't really have a wide range of jutsu- the dog boy used beast mimicry and fang over fang, and Naruto mainly used shadow clones. Much to everyone's surprise, Naruto won.

Gaara's POV

   But there was one fight that was different. Two Hyugas- wielders of the byakugan, cousins- fought against each other. There was Neji Hyuga, some stuck up pain in the ass who only talked about destiny, and Hinata Hyuga, supposedly of the clan's main branch. Apparantly Neji's father was the twin of the head of the clan, so he wasn't part of the "main branch".

   They both used the same exact moves on each other- a special taijutsu known to  be used by the Hyuga clan called Gentle Fist. It focuses less on breaking bones and more on blocking chakra points and damaging internal organs.

   After a long, emotional (to some) fight, Hinata Hyuga starting coughing up blood. She was finished.


Suzume's POV

   Neji's quite the formidable opponent but he's no match for Gaara. Let's see who is next.

   Hikari Mizuki


   Ino Yamanaka

   * * *

   "Let the fight begin," The proctor said before hacking again. That guy needs medicine.

   Hikari already had summoned some water out of nowhere. Ino made a hand sign, and tried to use the mind transfer jutsu, but it was easily avoided. Ino gritted her teeth in frustration. I guess that's her only attack, because she grabbed a kunai.

   Her hand went back, aiming to throw it, but to her surprise, she couldn't throw it. She had an expression of horror on her face. "I... I can't move!" She shrieked. I smirked. Good strategy. Gaara was a little impressed, because I heard his grunt from next to me.

   "More than half or your body is made of water," Hikari began. "That means I can control you, and made you do anything." Ino gasped. "Now," Hikari continued. "You can either forfeit the match, or see what my kekkei genkai can teach you."

   In the background, there was the shadow manipulating guy and some fat guy trying to cheer on. I'm guessing that gave Ino a false sense of hope.

   "Fine. Be that way," Hikari shouted. Ino lifted off the ground. She went limp, just floating there. Then suddenly, she flew into the wall, then fell to the ground.

   Ino's hand shakily raised into the air. "I give up," She said, before passing out.

Kankuro's POV

   Everyone's shocked by the shrimp's kekkei genkai, but she just majorly screwed up without realizing it.

   Now everyone knows her secret weapon- that moisture controlling power. People can find loopholes to that now, and her jutsu is going to be useless in the final round. She better have another trick up her sleeve, because all the competitors know what to expect now.

Gaara's POV

 Hikari floated back up to the balcony, and the screen showed two names again.

   Sakura Haruno



I tried to keep my cool. though secretly I would rather go fight for her. I'm going to have faith in her. Let's see if all her secret late-night training paid off.





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