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Laila's POV

I bounced up and down on her strap as she kept me in place as she increased my pace slowly thrusting into me making my body feel filled.

It felt so good to be true.

I was so feel so good yet it hurt. My walls were stretched and I could barely move without feeling pain.

I knew I wouldn't be able to move tomorrow morning.

"Mommy it hurts.." I whimpered as her pace increased more. My head jerked on her forehead as I tugged my lip with my tongue trying to bare the pleasure with pain.

I could feel the thin layer underlying her skin from the pleasure making we had together.

"I'm sorry baby...do you want me to stop?" I shook my head before capturing her lips with mine as I moaned when the strap hit me at my spot.

My lips left hers before my hands tangled in her hair as I breathed in the crook of her neck heavily.

My body felt tingly as I felt waves of pleasure run through me making me close my eyes as my walls squeeze her strap.

"Baby tell me if I should stop...I don't want to hurt." She whispered in my ear as she breathed heavily against my skin as her hands spread my ass checks making me see stars as her strap hit my spot more and more.

I couldn't help but bit her shoulder as I stopped the scream that wanted to erupt from me. I shook my head as I tugged her whispering in her ear. "No mommy....I love it so bad.... don't stop please."

She nodded before kissing behind my ear as she increased her pace slamming it to me mercilessly making me......


"What the hell?" I yelled as I felt cold freaking water hit my skin early this morning. My eyes snapped open as they landed on my freaking best friend Anna with a saucepan in her hands.

And no she definitely didn't do it.
I threw daggers in her head with my eyes as I felt the need to kick her ass.

"Why the fuck did you do that Anna?" I yelled at her and she just smiled in return before walking to my window opening wide my curtains making the sun's rays hit my eyes.

"I had to wake you up bitch from your wet ass dream with someone who's going to get you jobless soon." She turned around and and stared at me knowingly.

That's when it clicked.

Oh shit I forgot about my work. I stumbled out of my bed making the wet sheet wrap around my feet .

I took two steps forward before I fell face flat.

I groaned against the floor as Anna erupted into a fit of laughter which made me realize how stupid I was then.

"Shut up or I will kick your ass out." In embarrassment, I kicked off the sheet and stood up again.

I looked at Anna and she was trying to keep her laughter at bay. "Just laugh." I groaned walking to my bathroom knowing her laughter won't end right now but it was amusing to see her face turning red as she laughed.

I shook my head and laughed too a bit at her facial expression before walking to the bathroom and closing the door. I stripped down from my wet pajamas and underwear before turning on my shower.

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