I dont care (April)

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I don't give a fuck. Autumn can through her little temper tandrum about her boyfriend or whatever because i don't want her hurt? Come on how dumb can you get man. he's just a boy! There will be others.

Text from Keion,

"You alright??? Been avoiding a brother"

I replied,

"Sorry babe, been going through some family things. But, hey imma call you later!!"

He replied,

"Bout Artavious???"

I replied,

"Yep how'd you know?"

He replied,

"Everybody knows you hate his guts"

I replied,

"Well he should have never crossed me after I told him not to mess with Autumn, now she ran away from home. I got to go look for her. Can you come with me???"

He replied, "Yeah, I'll drive"

"Alright, meet me at TJ's"

He replied, "Alritee"

I grabbed my white timbs and put them on and my jacket and through some clothes in my white McM bag and I closed the bedroom door and went to mama and zaddys bedroom and knocked


I opened the door

"I'm leaving."

"Where you think you going?" They asked me

"Going to get Autumn."

"She's with your uncle."

"I don't think so."

"I just got off the phone with Travis"

"I'm gone alright? Call me if you need me, I shouldn't be gone long"

I closed the bedroom door and They ran out and stopped me

"Where are you really going?"

"I told you." I said

"Call us"

"I won't be gone long"

They sighed and nodded, I hugged them both and carried on, I walked out the front door locking it behind me walking in this freezing cold rain, 12:00 on my own to My dad's.


"Did she come by here?"

My dad pulled me inside, "I thought TJ dropped her back off at home!"

"TJ? Did you?" I asked looking at him

"Y-yeah I did."

"TJ, she's not home. Is she really at uncle Travis'?"

"That's where she told me she was going but I thought she changed her mind"

"Tj, this is serious." Daddy said

"Ok, I dropped her off at the airport."

"What? TJ I told you to take her home!!"

"She wouldn't go home." he said

"Who was driving?"


"Okay than, you had control of the car, you should have took her home!!"

"Artavious was with you, wasn't he?" I asked TJ

"Yeah but he was trying to convince her to come home, he was gone turn the car around"

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