Day 17: Boys Act Like Small Children When They're Annoyed

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                                        And I hope that you are having the time of your life

                                                But think twice, that's my only advice.


Start Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

End Destination: Helsinki, Finland

Via: Copenhagen Airport


09:18AM (GMT) / 10:18AM (Local Time)


Our flight has been delayed by god knows how long and the tension between Levi and I is overwhelming.

He hasn’t talked to me at all today and I am glad that he has gone to get a coffee as it finally allows me a chance to breathe. Luckily Rosie and El have not picked up on the silence between us and seem to be carrying on their day as normal but I am still on edge. I can’t help but worry that Levi is going to tell them both about what happened between us last night and it makes my heart race just thinking about it.

But I am playing silent. If he is not mentioning it then I am not doing so either.

And so when he returns with coffees, I thank him as he hands me my drink but do not acknowledge him anymore than that. I continue to chatter with Rosie and El and hope that it doesn’t take too much more time before we can board the flight

All four of us are obviously bored. There are no seats left in our gate and so we are sat on the floor near the window hoping that we will at least be the first to see when our plane pulls up to the gate. We’re still waiting.

On the seats nearest to us a woman is arguing with her teenage daughter in rapid Danish. The two trading what sounds like insults back and forth until the daughter stands up, says one final thing and storms off. Rosie – who has also been watching them – and I look at each other with questioning expressions.

I pull my knees tighter towards my body and sigh. Today appears as if it is going to be a long day. I can only hope that it will end better than it has started.

I sip at my coffee even though it is still scalding hot and try not to gasp when I feel my tongue begin to burn. I subtly fan my mouth though and inhale and exhale perhaps a little more than is necessary.

“I’m so bored, Rosie eventually whines.

“Same,” El agrees, “I can’t actually sit still any longer. I’m going to look what time our flight is due now.”

“You checked like five minutes ago,” Rosie reminds her.

“At this point I couldn’t care less,” El replies.

“I’m coming with you,” I say, “I need to stretch my legs.”

And so El and I set off across the airport, both annoyed by the fact that there isn’t actually a board with flight times on it in the gate.

Eventually though we stumble across one in the main part of the airport – having grabbed a couple of bags of slightly dodgy looking chocolate in our anger – and head back to the siblings to relay the news.

“It’s due in like twenty minutes,” I tell them.

“Thank god,” Levi says, – it is his first acknowledgement of anything I have said today – “I’m not sure I’ve ever been more bored.”

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