What a Mess

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Tris' POV
Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I mean it started out as fun. We changed Lynn into a normal dress when we noticed the serum wearing off. Lucky we did that. I don't know where she is now. It's packed in this club. I agree, it is kind of cool. Flashing lights, dance floor, bars, stage and massive stereos. When we arrived we just stared around in awe. Then we danced to two songs while we were sober. While we were dancing we noticed that the guys were here too. We didn't interrupt them though since they hadn't seen us and it's a guy free night. So we kept dancing. Then Chris got us shots. This is when it gets messy. I'm a terrible drinker. I had two and already I felt like throwing up. The rest of the girls had three shots. We went back out to the dance floor and just danced like we didn't care. We did dance with strangers too. More alcohol came and we stupidly drank it. Now I'm lost in this club with tears in my eyes. What have I done? What have we done?

Christina's POV
I hate myself right now. Why did I do it? I love clubs and dressing up. Who doesn't? Oh, Lynn and Tris. Anyway, after my fourth drink I lost Tris and everyone else. I guess we were all pretty drunk and maybe still are. I think I understand why Tris doesn't like to drink. You think clearly with a clear head, not a foggy one. In one night, I've ruined everything.

Marlene's POV
Oh. My. God. Why did I do that? I don't even like her like that! Do I? No, I don't. I'm drunk. Yet here we are. Well here I am. Everyone has run off. I wipe my tears off my face. I've made a big mistake.

Lynn's POV
Stupid Uriah. Stupid peace serum. Stupid club. Everything's stupid. I'm stupid. Why did I do that? Peace serum is why. But I'm the only one who know's that. No one else knows the truth. Where is everyone? I need to leave and hit someone.

Shauna's POV
How dare he. Maybe I'm drunk and overreacting. Was my mind messing with me? Was it real? Why did I suggest coming here? It's been one big mistake.

Tris' POV
When we wake and have several painkillers we sit on the floor with coffee in our hands. My head hurts so much. So does my heart. Everyone looks awful. When we got back to Christina's last night no one said anything. I think we all just cried and went to sleep. One night can ruin everything. Chris looks up with puffy eyes. "Should we all say what we did? I'm assuming that something happened to everyone?" We all solemnly nod. No one dares to speak first. I look up. We're all sitting in a circle in our pyjamas with pillows and blankets. Mar won't look at anyone. Christina is fighting off tears. I just snuggle into my blanket. "I'll go." Shauna says. "I was obviously drunk so I'm not sure. Anyway, last night I saw Zeke," she pauses and takes a breath. "He was kissing someone. As in full on make out session. So I went over to him, gave him my ring and stormed off." Lynn hugs her sister as a tear slides down Shauna's cheek. We all gasp. That's tough. Really tough. "Sorry." Marlene mumbles, not looking up. "Um, I'll go." Christina says. "When I lost you guys I was blindly wandering around the club because why not. Anyway, I danced with some guys and one brought me a drink. After that we danced and I kissed him. In front of Will too." Chris starts sobbing so I hold her close. "It'll be okay Chris. He was probably drunk too." she nods but continues to cry. Lynn looks at Mar. "Should I go?" Mar nods and bites her lip. "Okay I'm just going to say it. We kissed." All our jaws fall. "What?" Shauna almost screams. Mar starts sobbing. "We were drunk! I don't even know what happened!"
"Do you love Uriah?" Shauna asks Mar.
"YES! Oh my god, it was just a kiss!" I glance over at Lynn. She seems a bit hurt. Wait, does she-? No. Can't be. Everyone then just stares at me. "What?"
"Your go Tris." Lynn says. I take a deep breath. Do I tell them everything? No, I can't. Better to keep things simple. I tell a version of the truth. I'm the worst friend ever. "Well not much happened. I just saw Four kiss a girl so I kissed a guy. I think we were both pretty drunk though." They nod but don't really believe me, I can tell. It's just that the truth hurts so much.

No one wants to leave Christina's. No one wants to face their boyfriends actually. We're all terrified of a possible ending. I'm the last to leave. "Are sure you're okay Tris?" Chris asks me. I smile. "I will be. Thank you." I hug her until we hear someone call her name. Will. "Good luck." I whisper as I turn to leave. Will doesn't look angry, or very upset. Just confused. I walk away then watch them from a distance. They talk, hug and go inside. Wow. Easy fixed hopefully. Mine won't be that simple.

When I reach my apartment Tobias isn't home. I mentally throw a small party. Yes, he's at work. Although he does finish in an hour. Oh well. I NEED to clear my head. I want Tobias to be here right now but I'm scared that he knows, or will find out and leave me. I'm an awful girlfriend. So he did kiss a girl, that's true. But maybe she kissed him. You never know. I sigh and lie on the couch. Before I drift off to sleep there's a knock at the door. I frown. Who the heck could it be? I get up and go towards the door. Probably one of the girls crying. I open the door before realising too late that I'm still in pyjamas and that my tank top is pretty tight. I wore a jacket home don't worry, I just took it off when I got home because I thought I was going to have a nap. Anyway, when I open the door tears threaten to spill straight away. He smiles cockily at me. "Oh hello darling Tris. How are you?"
"Get the hell away from me Peter."
"Oh come on Tris. Lighten up. I'm just here to talk." Peter winks at me and pushes past me. Great, now he's in my apartment. I close the door and turn around. I jump when I see him standing right in front of me. "Peter, leave." I mutter, tears still in my eyes.
"But Tris, we didn't get to finish what we started last night."
"Last night was a mistake."
"Oh, I don't think it was." Peter pushes me against the door and kisses me, hard. Uncontrollable tears flow down my face as I desperately try to push him away. This just makes him smirk. With one arm he pins my arms above my head and puts his other hand down my shirt. That's it. With all my strength I kick his legs from underneath him, making him collapse. I then kick his nose making blood run. "LEAVE!" I scream, my voice breaking. "Fine, but you better watch your back!" He limps out and causes bad timing. As he leaves Tobias enters the corridor. What a sight. Peter leaving our apartment, blood on the floor, my tears and probably swollen lips. "Tris." Tobias mutters, confused. I run to our bedroom and break down, crying.

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