We Meet Again Harold.

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Winter 2013

For Louis Tomlinson his day day dreaming started when lost the only person that he ever thought he ever loved. But he knows that someone is out there probably happy with someone else. It's been exactly six years since the last time he saw that person.

'Why can't you love me, the way I love you? Why can't you admit to yourself that its true?' those words kept going on in his mind for nearly every day for last six years of his life.  He wondered that someday he will see that person again he could say all the words he meant to say.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Liam. Liam Payne can be describe as one of his oldest friend, they built Stripe Records together in 2009. Liam is his business partner, co-writer and co-producer. They have invested all their asset. It took a while for them to known but every since when they discovered the band the Claws they became successful at the end of 2011.
'Ay Louis, you better make a move on the band will be arriving in Brooklyn, on the look of it you haven't even wrote a word' said Liam.

'How can I write a song, I don't even know what this so called One Lane band is about' he muttered.   
'Mate, you will meet them tomorrow' he said  

'Tomorrow? The heck Payno... don't stress me out' 

'Ay not to worry though, no rush they do have awesome songs all written out we just have to hear them out tomorrow, well obviously I have heard a few demos, when I was in Brooklyn. But they are from England too Tommo...yeah.. that English spirit' he cheered

'And I think one is from where you are Doncaster too'  
Louis hardly looked at Liam and just paid attention to his laptop, checking his twitter account.

'Oh that's good to hear, I might know him too then' he said quietly.  
Liam mentioning about home, made him feel homesick. He thought about home-cook meal that was cooked by his mum. He thought about how his sisters use to annoy him, about how he won't go anywhere with his musical career. They ate their words right there, good times he thought. He chuckled and Liam just looks at him with a smirk.  
'Aye whats going with you? You probably didn't hear what I said?'  
'Sorry continue I did hear it' he lied  
"Well anyway, the other band members are Niall he's from Dublin then we have Zayn and Aidan twin brothers from Bradford.. good looking lads, will probably make a fortune, girls will love them,Liam continued  
'Sounds fantastic'   

 For some odd reason Louis does not feel his hundred percent that day. Two missed calls from Liam, five messages. Very needed Liam, Louis thought he called him and after a couple of rings he picked.  
'Whats up? Im still in bed?'  
'They arrived early, I have them now we are on the way to Panini Café meet us there in twenty minutes. Harry's hungry and is eagerly in meeting you'    
Before he could say a word Liam has hung on him, needy and rude how can they last this partnership with that attitude.  He rolled his eyes and he got up from his bed. He got himself, took a 10 minute shower and decided to wear one of his grey shirt, match it with black skinny jeans and wore a pair of classic adidas trainers.
'Babe.. I'm off now.. wake up..' as he lean to kiss Elle. 

'Good luck, I love you' she grab a kiss from him and roll over back to bed. 
Elle and Louis are high school sweethearts, at times  he's confuse by the way he feels about her. Its almost been seven years since they got together. Everywhere he went she was always there, every time he caught in some  trouble she was there. But sometimes he wonders if he really truly makes her happy? Elle is such a kind person and deserves to be happy. However, Louis feels sometimes that because they've been together for so long that they are just use to each other and can't let go.  
He went to the drive-way and got into his silver mercedez, as he made his way to the cafe he realsied that he arrived early and there was no sight of Liam. He wondered that there is probably some traffic from the domestic airport.

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