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"Are you moving out?" It was a Saturday morning and Amber had woken up a little bit later than usual. She knew that her mother was working the night shift that day, so she expected the house to be quiet, thinking that her mother would need more time to rest since it was Valentine's Day. But instead she saw furniture and a mattress all over the hallway, blocking her way to the stairs. 

 "Oh you're up." Natalie appeared from inside her room. "Can you give me a hand? Because the guy that brought the mattress was hitting on me and I basically kicked him out and now this mattress is too heavy for me."

"What was wrong with your old mattress?"

"I had sex with your father and now I can't sleep on it without thinking about that night." Natalie thought, but she used up an excuse for Amber. "I saw few bed bugs on them and I wanted to clear out everything bad." Amber didn't think much of her mother's lie, and Natalie was happy that she had no idea and she hoped that it would stay that way. "Hey, since you're not mad at me anymore, do you think you could help me paint the walls to my room?" Natalie asked. Amber hadn't been talking much to her since their fight that night, but after she saw that her mother was trying to get back to her old self, she decided to cut her some slack.

"What's wrong with the walls now?" Amber rolled her eyes.

"It was either that or dying my hair. But I like my hair like that, so the walls it is!"

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"Hey, what's going on?" Natalie asked that evening at the hospital once she saw Callie clearing the O.R. board completely. Arizona and Bailey were with her, checking their pagers who informed them that a wave of trauma was coming their way.

"Grandinetti's roof collapsed." Callie informed them. "We'll be getting more than a dozen. All scheduled procedures are pushed."

"Ugh. On Valentine's day? God, Grandinetti's must have been packed." Arizona commented.

"Well, tonight's out. I told you this would happen." Callie replied to her.

"Well, that's why we went to dinner at 4:00 and exchanged gifts. Look." Arizona and Callie showed the necklaces they had given to each other.

"Just special. Original. Magical. Squeals of joy." Bailey mummered.

"Wow. Scrooge."

"Scrooge is Christmas. That's a holiday." Natalie defended Bailey as she was feeling extra lonely that day. It was fine in the morning when she was home with her daughter and she was telling her all about her crush, but being at the hospital and having to see Mark, was not easy for her.

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