Chapter 13: Project

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NaMi's POV

First day of the week and yeah... it's monday *sighs*. Waking up from the bed, then take a bath, then change uniforms and fix myself, then eat breakfast, then greet my dad goodbyes. Well... the usual routines every school days. Minutes of travelling to school, at last I arrived. And there I met Min on her locker taking her books.

"Hey!" I greeted smiling.

"Oh! Hey there! How was weekend?" Min asked grinning. Tch... she already has the idea on how my weekend turned out. She does not need to ask me.

"You already know..." I say boringly as I open my locker. Wait, what's this? There's something in my locker. I took it out and it was a letter from "JY". I don't know who JY is but I don't think this is a good Idea. And the envelope is color black. Why would anyone give letter that is placed in a black envelope? I was about to open it when Min was talking to me.

"Hey, are you listening to me? I said you and Sehun were so sweet last Saturday. I even spied both of you there. Geez... are you listening again?" Min exclaimed and she diverted her attention to the letter I'm holding.

"What's that?" She asked and she was about to take it away from me but I was able to dodge it. And gave her a this-is-mine look.

"Okay. Why don't you open it?" Min asked. I don't think this is a good letter. Why don't I open it? Okay here it goes... The letter says,

Time will come that I'll get my revenge to you...


Revenge? What did I do?! Who is JY?!

"So what did it say? *takes it away from me and reads it*"-Min

What does the letter mean? Revenge? Ani.. he or she must have sent it to the wrong locker. Yeah... maybe.

"Huh?! Reveng--" Min did not finish her sentence when I covered her mouth.

"Yah! People might here us!" I commanded and sshed her.

"Okay.okay... but what does this mean?" She asked in confusion.

"Neither I don't know what it meant. Maybe they sent it to the wrong locker." I say and we both shrugged in unison.

I didn't mind the letter again and went to our classrooms. As I entered the room, almost all the girls glared at me. Okay.. I think I have an idea on why they are like this. It's because of the two guys isn't?

"Hey, Nami!" Luhan greeted me and he looked at Min as he smiled to her. I looked at her direction and she was blushing looking away from him.

"Hey! Good Morning!" I greeted back and smiled as I awkwardly move away because of all the death glares girls are giving me.

I went to my usual place and noticed that Sehun is sitting down while closing his eyes being immersed to the music playing through his earphones. But one thing... how is he so handsome just simply sitting like that? What did I just say? Erase that part! I mean why do he look so-- er-- I can't explain it.

Your interested in him right?

This time it wasn't my subconcious mind who said it but someone else. Well..that crept me! But the voice sounds familiar. I faced at Min's direction and saw her grinning crazily. Wait-- did she just read my mind and spoke through our minds? Telepathy?

Your right...

She said once again and I was just left there jaws hanging. I-i thought she can just read but she can also speak through minds? Daebak!

"Hey, NaMi aren't you going to sit down?" Luhan asked and I snapped back in reality and nodded abruptly. Maybe because I still can't recover from what I heard and knew earlier.

"Tsk. Pabo." I heard Sehun whispered but I can hear him. I rolled my eyes at him and ignored him. Our Music Teacher entered and he was wearing a smile. I think there's something good that happened to him?

"Good Morning class!" He say as he is still smiling widely. Okay... it's getting weird.

"Good Morning sir!" We greeted back.

"Please be seated." He requested and we followed.

"Okay... so first of all don't mind me smiling this wide because actually my cheek bones are like paralyzed. They won't move and seems like my muscles in my cheek bones seemed to have hardened that's how this happened." He explained and I heard soft chuckles from my classmates. Actually, I find it funny also. I thought there was something good that happened to him but it turned out that his cheeks' bones were paralyzed. Hahaha... -_-

"Okay... so before I'll start our very first lesson, I want you to showcase your talent in music whether it is singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or whatsoever..." He paused and the students started groaning.

"But! Since it's still your second week here in school, I want you to have a partner and perform it here infront of the class. I want you both to work as a team and also get to know each other." He say and the students groaned once again. Well, as for me... it maybe embarrassing but I have to perform for the sake of my grades.

(FYI: I didn't make her like that. She's really just a grade concious one...)

"As for you, I already picked who will be your partners." He announced again and I can hear louder groans asking why can't they choose one. Well... that's fine with me whoever it is he or she is lucky to have me... hehehe..

Our music teacher started to pick for our partners and later on I heard my name being mentioned.

"For Nami, your partner is Luhan." He say and I was in the middle of joy when I remembered Min. I looked at her direction and she was smiling fakely more like awkwardly. I know that expression very well.. geez... I really wan-- wait! I forgot she reads minds. I'd better close it. But how do I?

Then, I looked at Sehun's direction and he still has this unreadable cold expression. Then he raise his hand suddenly.

"Yes, Mr. Oh?" He asked.

"May I ask a favor?" He asked still in a cold expression and the girls... I think our room will be flooded by salivas here. They're drooling so much...

"What is it?" Our music teacher asked.

"Instead of Luhan hyung, May I be NaMi's partner?"



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