Boys...Why Do I Even Bother? chapter 10

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Whoop Whoop! Chapter 10!

Haha seems like it took forever!

I'm super happy right now because I have Friday off of school.


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Boys...Why Do I Even Bother?



"Whoa," I mumble as Declan pulls me into his house.

His house was fricken' awesome!

I walked into the living room in awe. It had a beautiful fireplace and a huge plasma screen TV. It had a sectional couch that was facing both of them. The walls were a nice burgundy-red color and the couch was a chocolately brown. There were a couple chairs in the corners that were brown also. Pictures covered the walls. They matched the color pallete of the room; red, orange, burgundy, brown, and a dark olive. There was a big fancy rug in the middle of the floor. In front of the couch was a dark chestnut coffee table that had a vase with various plants, flowers, and a few twigs. The room was very spacious since it was so big. The hard wood floors seemed to be emitting heat. So I'm guessing they have heated floors.

  I wandered into the kitchen with Declan trailing behind, letting me take this all in. The kitchen was a nice light blue. It had two ovens and two sinks. There was a stove that blended in with the countertop so you barely noticed it. There was an island in the middle. There was a high-tech looking microwave and refrigerator. Wow I would love to cook here sometime, I thought.

"You like it?" Declan asked in a teasing tone.

"Hell yeah," I replied. "Your house is awesome!"

"C'mon," he said motioning for me to follow him. "Let's go to my room."

I follow obedientely. I walk through the house taking all of the awesomeness in. Declan leads me up a staircase and around a corner until we get to a room. I try to peek inside the room, but he takes the door and pulls it shut.

"Close your eyes," he commands.

I do as he says and I hear him open the door. I open my eyes the slightest to get a peek.

"I know your peeking Dani," Declan says in an amused voice.

"Argh, fine," I say grumpily as I clamp my eyes shut.

Declan grabs my elbow and leads me into his room.

I open my eyes and gasp.

He had a couch, a plasma screen TV, a huge bed, and a computer. He had a couple posters up of some indie rock bands that I havn't really heard of. He also has a bathroom. Damn his parents must be loaded!

"Wow, are you like, rich?" I asked, not caring that it wasn't the most polite thing to say.

"Uh yeah I guess you could say that," he says with a smirk.

"So, do your parents have really good jobs?" I asked, prying a bit.

"Well my dad's a CEO of a pretty big company and my mom's a nature photographer so she's always taking trips to far away places...but that's not where we got most of the money," he says thoughtfully.

"Oh...Where did you get it?" wow I was being such a nosy person.

"My grandparents died when I was young and they left my family with there fortune. I guess they used to own a really succesful restaurant or something like that," he replied, not seeming to be bothered  by my many questions.

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