Chapter 12 ~ Faint

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I gave a small smile, partly distracted. I was still wondering about the whole knife thing.

"Do you want to explain what happened then? The whole fainting thing?" 

"Do I have to?" I asked finally. 


I sighed, then told her about what walking into Walters room, and getting freaked out by the knife. I remembered backing out, trying to get away then feeling faint-headed and blacking out onto Eli. 

"You didn't get to talk to him about art," she pointed out.

"I know. We can talk now right?" I frowned.

"I guess," she shrugged, hugging her self. The sleeves of the top she was wearing were extremely long.

"Let's go then," I said swinging my legs off the bed. "Wait this is Eli's room isn't it."

"Yeah, he wouldn't let Walter take you."

I paused, "What?"

Hayley smiled at me, "After you fainted, Walter wanted to take you to his room to let you rest, but Eli woudn't let him. He was saying that it was his fault that you fainted, and  yeah a lot of tension...but they couldn't really fight about it as Eli was holding you."

"Let's go find them." I said.

I entered the living room, Hayley behind me. My eyes rested on Walter who had his back to me and looked like he was on his phone and I noticed Severn passed out snoring in one sofa. Definitely asleep this time. But apart from those two, the room was empty. 

"Hi," I said hesitatntly. 

Walter turned around, a look of uncertainty on his face. "Are you okay?"

I nodded, and I felt rather than heard Hayley walk back out and close the door, giving us time alone. 

Walter looked down, then added, "I'm sorry I scared you."

I sighed, then I said, "It's my fault, I was intruding on your life. I had no right to react like that." Which was true, Walter was dangerous, it ran in his family, and if I had feelings for this guy I had to accept that. 

Walter seemed to accept that answer, because he kept silent. Then he groaned loudly running his hands run his face and leaning forwards. When he removed them, he was smiling. Standing up, Walter walked over to me and I don't know who was surprised the most by what he did next. He wrapped his arms round me, and hugged me holding his against his body. I could feel his abs, his heartbeat, his breath. It was amazing. 

"So I never found out what you wanted. And I only just saw your text from before." he said, after stepping back. 

I found myself smiling too. Everything was fine. I had just reacted stupidly, maybe from the cold too. But at least now I was warm, and in his clothes. They smelled great.

Of course I only paused before replying, "I was just seeing if you were know....after Art." I kept it short and simple, not sure what kind of reaction I would get.

 "I'm fine, just got a bit pissed off."

"I'm sorry about that, it was my fault," I couldn't look at him. 

Walter's reply was cut off by Severn yawning in his sleep. He glanced at his brother, then continued. "It was fun."

I was ecstatic! That was the only way to describe how I was feeling once he had said that. But then I remembered the Detentions, well now they would be double detentions. 

"Are you going to go on Monday?" I asked.

"Go where?" Walter asked. He was so hot, I couldn't stop checking him out. Discretely, obviously.

"Double detention."

Walter rolled his eyes, but when I thought he was going to get angry again, he sighed and said, "Do you want me to?"

"I don't mind," I replied automatically. 

"Just say Coral." 

"Yes," I said. 

Walter gave me a half-smile, "Then yeah I will."

I smiled back, there was a bit of a silence which was filled in by Severn's snoring. "Where is everyone else?" 

"In the basement. Phoenix and Landon are out," Walter said slipping a hand up his shirt. I loved it when guys did that. 

"Do you wanna go down there?" he asked in a cute way. His hand still lingering up his top. 

"Sure." I wondered what they were up to.

Walter held open the door for me, and I saw that Hayley was gone. Maybe she had joined them? 

"After you."

I grinned and walked through. 

Walter opened the Basement door and we walked down the steps, and came to a rather large basement. It was an awesome den and I could see Gomez, Giovanni, Eli and Hayley sitting down on beanbags playing video games. I had to say, Hayley blended in well as she was wearing men's clothing that swamped her as it did to me. 

 Tonight was going to be a good night. 


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