17. Evening*

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*So I'm uploading bc I really love you guys and appreciate the reads. Hope you enjoy this all and I really love and appreciate everything. I know this chapter is something you have definitely been waiting for. Enjoy xx*

17. Evening.*

I walked into the apartment and saw harry on the couch in the living room. I shut the door trying not to disturb his call.

"Uh-" he looked at me and then covered his hand over the phone speaker. "I've got to go she's home." He hung up.

I rolled my eyes and continued on into my room with my top shop and top man bags and set them at the foot of my bed. I rid myself of my shoes and jacket setting my bag on the desk in the corner of my room. I stripped out of my high waisted jeans and dropped my shirt next to my pants and opened my closet to get on yoga leggings and a t shirt. As I turned around to throw my shirt on the bed and shimmy into my yogas and looked at the open door way to see harry standing there. I gasped loudly and covered my chest. He laughed his huge hand place on the nape of his neck. He chuckled lowly and looked at me.

"I'm nearly naked can you leave." He walked in sitting on the edge of the bed directly in front of me. He pulled my body towards him by my hips. He kissed my stomach as I gasped loudly his kiss so soft and sweet as goosebumps covered the soft skin of my stomach. He thumbed the front of my hips his large hands could fit around the sides of my waist and lower back. It's not that I was anorexic I wasn't, its just his hands were actually massive. He kept kissing my skin small pecks up my stomach. He sucked the skin to the right of my belly button. My breath shortening with his tongue swirling around the spot leaving it warm and wet as he pulled away.

"Don't be mad." He whispered. Nuzzling his face between my breast and kissing a trail from the valley to my neck. He sucked the sweet spot under my ear and then whispered again. "Please don't be mad." He said again low and sexily.

His head came up to the front of my face. He brushed his thumb over my bottom lip.

"So what did you buy?" He asked. I slid my shirt on the fabric clinging to his saliva on my stomach I bent over and modeled the clothes I had boughten a new dress and shoes. Then lifted up the top man bag. He put his hands behind his back resting there a bit with all his weight on his hands behind him. I threw a navy blue top at him he caught it inspecting it and then I tossed him a hoodie and beanie.

"Don't get too excited! That beanie is for me." I teased him.

"Keep it." He pushed it on my head over my curls. I straightened it out and then ran my fingers over his forehead pushing his chocolate coloured curls back. He grabbed my wrist abruptly and kissed my arm. My cheeks tinged some shade of red I'm sure as his soft lips skimmed over my skin small bumps shot up my arm giving me chills. "You always smell so good." He breathed in my scent.

"I reckon it's from the cologne you've bought me for Christmas." I smiled at him. He looked up and smiled showing me his dimples. I reckon his dimples were the first thing I noticed when we had met. I brought my finger up to touch the little indents on either side of his mouth. He hummed in response. I sat on his lap putting my legs on either side of his body. "Remember when we met-" I paused giggling slightly before I continued. "You kissed me under the mistletoe at Audrey's house." I smiled reminiscing. "I turned around and looked at you. My eyes level to your smile and i saw those cute little dimples. I looked up at your eyes then back at your lips and noticed your cheeky grin. You put your hand on the side of my face and kissed me again. Until this point I had never met you, or seen you before. I would've remembered you if I had. But you pulled away and said: 'I'm Harry, you must be a Victoria Secrets model?!'" I laughed at his cheesy pickup line. "I looked at you and smiled. 'I wish' I said quietly and then you gave a low chuckle and whispered: 'I reckon you look way prettier than them anyway.'" I fiddled with the collar of his shirt talking so quiet it was as if I was talking to myself.

"I wasn't lying." He finally spoke.

"What?" I asked looking up from the fabric between my fingers.

"You are prettier than any model I've ever seen." He stood up my legs still around his waist as he turned my body over and set me on the bed on my back. "Those girl don't have your lips." His thumb running over my lips as he spoke. "They're not as naturally beautiful as you are. They don't have this." He put his hand under my shirt and fiddled with my nipple piercing. I pushed his hands away and laughed. "I would pick you over them any day." He leaned down and kissed me.

It lasted but only seconds till his phone rang. He groaned as I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling his body on mine and reaching into the pocket of his joggers. I looked at the caller and saw Damon's name on the screen.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked me as I pressed the phone to my ear.

"Hello Harry's not available right now he's having his special time. Please leave a message-" I dropped the phone on the mattress as his fingers dug into my sides causing me to laugh uncontrollably. He grabbed his phone with his free hand and walked out of my room and into his. I got up out of my bed and into his room. He sat on the bed with his back to me and I snuck up behind him. I lifted up the back of his shirt and kissed his back after my lips touched every inch I put my hands to use. I placed my hands on the tops of his shoulder and massaged them gently he moaned out in pleasure and then snapped out of it as Damon told him to focus. He still stayed on the phone and that meant I needed to play dirty. I got off of his bed and stood in front of him. My hand pushed him into a laying position as I pulled the shirt over his head he helped me get if around his phone and quickly went back to listening to Damon speak. I kissed his body all over making sure I sucked every once and a while. He hummed in approval. I made my way up his body and as my lips pressed into the soft skin of his neck I could hear Damon speak. My tongue swirled around the spot my lips protected to make sure he didn't realize I was listening.

"He's been working out a lot and apparently he's been talking a lot of shit."

"Like what?" Harry spoke trying his hardest not to moan out my name or any profanity.

"He said he'll do anything to make sure you don't walk out of the fight." I bit hard at the words spoke.

"Fuck!" He shouted in pain.

"Sorry." I whispered sexily into his ear. He didn't mind my action after that. I nibbled his earlobe still listening.

"Harry this is serious."

"I know Damon! I'm just preoccupied."

"Preoccupied with what?! Is that Rose girl with you? She's a distraction and at this point distractions aren't good!" He told him. I smirked to myself. Maybe me being a distraction will keep harry here. I slid my body down his waist and licked a line just above his boxers. I grabbed the elastic between my teeth growling slightly just loud enough for harry to hear and Damon not to.

"Listen I've really gotta-." Harry tried but Damon continued gabbing on and on. I pulled on them with my teeth Harry's lip between his teeth as he watched me. I moved up closer and whispered in his ear.

"Hang up the phone right now, and I'll blow your mind." I nibbled his earlobe slightly. He hung up shutting off his phone and staring at me. "I told you I know how to get my ways." I kissed his lips he slipped his tongue inside exploring my mouth. He grabbed my bum and squeezed. He lifted my shirt over my head and took the hoop of my piercing between his teeth. I moaned in pleasure as he unleashed me. I pushed myself off the bed and stood in front of him. He licked his lips as he stared. His eyes so passionate as they stared into mine.

"Am I a distraction?" I asked playing with the hem of my leggings. His eyes shot down to my hips with a devilish smile.

"Right now? Yes." He looked into my eyes trying to carry the conversation in order to get what he wants.

"No baby." I straddled his waist lightly touching his stomach and watched as the goosebumps rose on his skin. "I mean for your fight club nonsense." I laid down holding our chests together laying my head in the crook of his neck.

"If you keep this up i'll never leave."

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