Chapter One

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Cayla's POV

   As I took long gulps of the delicious liquid, I felt my skin tingle. I then dropped his lifeless body to the floor before turning around to see someone coming towards me. I sighed and licked my lips quickly. I was pretty sure he hadn't seen anything suspicious. Forcing out a few crocodile tears, I hurried my breathing and put a look of distress and fear on my face. I then went towards him and said "Please! Please help me! I was just out for a walk and...and I found him on the floor! I checked for a pulse but...there was nothing!" I then fell to my knees and started to 'cry' loudly. He crouched down in front of me, lifted my face up and did something I didn't expect. He back handed me across the cheek. Hard.

I fell to the floor before he said "I'm not stupid! I know what you are!" I held a hand to my cheek, still trying to look the part, as a real tear escaped my eye.

"Drop the act!" He shouted as he pulled me to my feet only to fling me backwards again.

I exhaled and whimpered "I...I don't know what you're talking about."

   He came towards me and said "Give! It! Up!" He then punched me in the cheek. He'd gone too far. I stood up and as he went to punch me again, blocked him and kneed him in the stomach. I then punched him in the throat before throwing him to the floor. When he lay on the floor, I wiped the blood from my face then bent down and wrapped an arm around his neck, limiting his air supply.

As he gasped for air, I said "You don't know anything."

"Vam...pire." He said before his body slumped in my arms. I let go of him and then turned to walk away. Looking up to the sky, I wondered how long I had left. The full moon hung high in the sky. Good. I walked towards the neck of the woods. As I neared the edge, I felt something lunge itself at me. I was on the floor and there was a wolf on top of me. I bore my fangs and wriggled enough, keeping the wolf at arms length, to meet the green eyes that belonged to the guy who had known what I was. I pushed him off of me with as much force as I could possibly muster in this awkward position, sending him flying fifteen feet back and into a tree. As he groaned, I saw that he was shaking. Then he...changed.

Oscar's POV

   As my muscles changed and my bones broke and formed the human structure, I groaned in pain. I shook consistently, the cold penetrating my body and the pain of hitting the tree both causing this. After I had changed back to my human form, I stood up and sprinted back over to my pile of clothes. I pulled them on and thought about the vampire. She was...different.

   She hadn't had the common features of a vampire. Most vampires were tall, thin and shapeless with dark hair and tended not to wear make up. This girl - no, vampire - had been short and curvy with large breasts. She had pale skin, like all vampires, but wore heavy eye make up. She also had long, straight hair that was full of volume and sat in a side parting. Did I forget to mention that her hair was a shocking lightning blue? It was wonderful.

   After I'd dressed, I turned around to see her staring at me, her eyes boring into my soul. "What?!" I shouted at her.

"How? How did you know?" She asked.

"You were in a position that was instantly ready to strike. You angled your head towards the ground, looking down at him almost. If you were checking for a pulse you would've used your fingers on his neck or wrist. If your face was that close you should've said that you were checking to see if he was breathing, that's the only way you could've convinced a normal person. Also, you're skin is as pale as chalk and your voice is slightly higher than most girls your age."

"And what's my age?"



"So, how old are you?" I was actually really curious as to how old she was. I mean, she had the body of a sixteen year old and dressed like a sixteen year old. How much older could she be? Or younger?

"Hundred and thirteen."


    Everything was awkwardly silent for a minute. She then said "Yeah, well, keep away from me. If you ever come near me again and try to attack me - or anyone I care about - then I'll rip your tail off and strangle you with it." She then ran away - well, I say she ran, she practically disappeared. She was so fast that all I saw was a flash of blue.

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