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I'm not agreeing with this shit. I'm tempted to turn this car around and take her home and that's what I'm gone do

"Autumn, you sure your parents know you going out here to your uncles?"

"Yes, I told my mom before I left the house and I called my uncle and he's gone be at the airport."

"Autumn, don't be lying to me baby."

"Have I ever lied to you, Art?"


"Okay than, why would I lie now?"

"Cause you're mad and you wanna run away."

"I'm not running if they know where I am and if I'm with my uncle and grandma"

"I just don't wanna be taken to jail for kidnapping."

She looked at me, "Really, nigha?"

"You know how your parents are."

"It's not kidnap. Just chill, relax. If I was running away you really think TJ would be all calm about it??"

"Exactly." TJ said

"Tremaine, you sure man?"

"Nigga, if I wasn't. I wouldn't be doing this shit! Why? Because my auntie is crazy as hell and I'm not trying to get killed if she was running but she's not"

"Alright, fine. But, my mind ain't in this."

"Artavious, Do you love me?"

"Yes, I love you, A."

"Okay, than. Don't worry about all that, just enjoy me! Please. I just want to get away from all that"

I pulled up to the gas station and TJ got out

"You want some?"

"You know what I want" she told him

He nodded and got out, I looked over at her and she looked at me and kissed me

"How long you gone be gone?"

"Don't know." she said

"I don't want you to be leaving because if what's going on, If that's it, I'm taking you home." I said with all seriousness

"My parents wanted me to get away for awhile"

I nodded and pecked her lips," You're so beautiful..."

"Thanks" she said kissing me back

"Aye y'all gotta cut that out." TJ said getting in handing her some snacks

"Hating ass" I said laughing

"Well my girl is dead so chill." he said

"My bad bruh" I said getting out closing the door pumping the gas


"Is that him?"

"Yes, TJ walk with me."

I looked at her and kissed her, "I love you, Shawty."

She smiled, "I love you too, Yellow Dready."

I smiled, she got out and grabbed her bags and kissed me again

"I'm gone miss you" I told her

She smiled, "I'll miss you too. I'll call you"


We hugged one last time and her and TJ walked over to her uncle.


"Thanks bruh for letting me See her."

"It's no problem."

"Uh, let me know if she safe." I told him

We dapped and I went into the house, I hung my jacket up

"Artavious, where have you been?"

"I went with TJ to drop my girl off at the airport."

"Where she going?"

"Her parents sent her away, that's all I know." I said

"Oh baby, you okay?"

It took everything in me not to get mad, not to cry, but hell, I miss that girl already and i started missing her every since I dropped her off.

"Yeah I'm good. Im about to go to bed though."

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